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Crazy Adventures at the US Open

WE PLANNED on going to the US Open to hang out by the bowl, eat bruxie, and get out of Solana Beach for a bit. We did all that, but also got our photos noticed by Vans.

IMG_0496We started taking street style photos (check them all out here) and would go back home and Emma would spend hours sorting through and editing while India looked up the people in the photo and tagged them and every noticeable brand they were wearing. Since the US Open is run by Vans, a lot of people were decked out in their gear. Somewhere around 1 am, India let out a high-pitched shriek and dropped her phone, unable to say a word. Vans had liked our photos and direct messaged us to come to the media booth the next morning. They posted a ton of our photos on their instagram and tumblr, we got to meet Tony Alva, and we had our picture taken by Life without Andy for the Vans Girls blog. 

First day scoping out the bowl featuring graffiti artwork from Zio Ziegler IMG_0107IMG_0516

Bruxie and Coffee kept us going while we were riding on six hours of sleep. IMG_0643IMG_0642IMG_0640IMG_0636IMG_0635

Photos above by Life Without Andy

stay messy

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  1. Maiya Alyse says

    India, where’s your beige bralette from? It’s completely gorgeous!


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