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Sunset Strip Music Festival

AH THE SUNSET STRIP, arguably the place in LA with the most history. Rock gods roamed the bars and played here. It has seen every modern music movement in full force. To get a better idea, watch the Sunset Strip documentary on netflix.

Our first day on this iconic boulevard we had no idea what to expect. It was rather small, but full of energy. We were able to catch a lot of bands we had never heard of before, our favorite of the day was Nightmare and the Cat. Their lead singer, Django, sang among two people in dancing animal costumes, a man and woman in identical pink dresses hopping around the stage, and an artist painting on a huge canvas. We got back to Robert & Ginger’s apartment late and were extremely exhausted and going crazy. To try to curb our insanity, we filled the bath with hot water and tried to scrub off our dirt and makeup from the day but it was impossible because we were laughing so hard.

The second day started off shaky when Emma (extremely directionally challenged) got super lost and drove the cruiser into an off-limits parking lot. After we finally secured a parking spot, we sprinted to make sure we didn’t miss Iration, a reggae group with catchy lyrics and chill vibes from HI. After hanging up in Robbie’s office with Andre, we headed out to Tovelo. The crowd for her was massive, and we pushed our way into a lonely corner to get a look at her, laughing, swearing, and dancing barefoot. When her set closed, the Rainbow awaited. Andre got us in and man was it amazing. If the walls could talk they would tell you about The Doors, Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osbourne, and just about every rock legend ever was made on the strip, and more specifically in that restaurant. After splitting a milkshake and caesar salad in a booth that some rockstar probably did blow on, we danced in the Vampire room and explored all of the nooks and crannies. We rounded out the night by dancing in the street to Empire in the Sun for what felt like hours, drunk off life. We love you LA, and hope to be back soon.


We would also like to thank Dripped in Gold for sending us these amazing metallic tats that completed our outfit and earned us tons of compliments. You can shop the set that we wore to the festival here.  We have tried other metallic tattoos before and these are by far our favorite! They mold really well to your skin and last much longer, plus they are super cheap. (anyway thank you gals from Dripped in Gold, we love you!)

Emma is wearing American apparel body suit // India is wearing lace bralette


India and Andre gazing off the balcony at Robert’s office looking over the strip. IMG_2873IMG_3101

When you see me in your city say what’s up my hippy // India and Modsun


Iration playing TimebombIMG_3336IMG_3122

Stay Messy


  1. Anonymous says

    Ohmyyyyyy I have to know where India’s jeans are from with the daisies! Also loved the blog post and the video xxx you girls are amazing


  2. Anonymous says

    wherever you guys go it looks like your having the best time of your lives. You two are always so positive and your energy has a ripple affect on people, including me. I aspire to be as free spirited as you, two.


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