Film photos at Beach Goth


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tumblr_ne1iacrHvK1tj1775o1_1280BEACH GOTH is a concert that attracts a gaggle of pink-haired aliens covered in glitter. Our favorite part of this event was seeing everyone’s outfits, especially since a lot of people dressed up for Halloween. We saw a ton of Winona Ryders and Wednesday Adamms. The venue is so small and people are packed shoulder to shoulder, so we didn’t want to risk our dSLR’s life, and opted for cheap drugstore disposable cameras instead. We started with three, and lost one in a stampede at the Drums concert. When India got the photos developed she was in tears looking over them. There is something about the grain of film, even shitty film, that feels nostalgic and whimsical. They turn photos from images to fragments of history. We don’t know any of these people (besides Christian) but we fell in love with them, and hope you do too.
IMG_4277 IMG_4283 IMG_4287 IMG_4289 IMG_4293 IMG_4296 IMG_4299 IMG_4303 IMG_4307 IMG_4311 IMG_4313 IMG_4314 IMG_4317 IMG_4319 IMG_4321 IMG_4322 IMG_4327 IMG_4330


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  1. Tara Weldon says

    What film camera do you use? I’m looking in on purchasing one but cannot decide for the life of me!!

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