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Balboa Bliss

OUR DAY was mad fun, we had the most fun our bodies could endure in 24 hours! We woke up and enjoyed granola and berries with our favorite Chobani yogurt, and sipped on black coffee in our fresh cotton sheets. Then we hoped in the shower, threw on our clothes, slipped on our vans, and flew out the door.

Next stop was Newport, we thought, but we had to stop by the huge local bazaar! Filled with fresh produce, dancing tunes, happy people, and fun trinkets, you could only imagine how much fun we had. Coconuts in one hand and steering wheel in the other, we made our way down to Newport pier!

Once we made it through the winding roads, we shot all of the VansGirls fall and winter line. Tired and in need of some sugar we grabbed two vanilla cones with rainbow sprinkles, and headed to the ocean. On the sands we met a soccer team from Arizona and juggled with them for a bit before we met up with Dana from Pink Surf Cult on Balboa Island. Emma and I were drained and in search for our favorite food, Thai. We stumbled upon MintLeaf, and sat down for a yummy lunch! After our plates of pad thai and bowls of curry were empty we adventured through the towns shops. We craved the saltwater, so we trekked to The Wedge, where we watched killer sets murder the sand and unravel the surfers from their leashes.

The sun began to drop and the dolphins began to dance, we watched it go lower and lower, and the dolphins jump higher and higher!

On our way driving back to Papa J’s house in Huntington, we had a severe craving for churros from mainstreet. We called the owner and told him to keep the griddles hot and not close under any circumstances. Hot churro in hand, we were so grateful for having such an incredible day. Oh, and our poor feet were crying for their bed!


aIMG_4373-copyIMG_4366 IMG_4360Enjoying the colors at the swap meet


We had to pick up some fresh coconuts there, of courseIMG_4428

IMG_3648India for Vans GirlsIMG_4731

Big shout out to Elle Evans swimwear to giving us some amazing crescent suits to rock on our tripIMG_4611

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