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Emma’s First Quarter in Seattle

TAKE A deep breath because I am going to talk about my entire first quarter at college and I feel like this post is about to be really long.

My very first three months at University of Washington were honestly a breeze. I finished out with a perfect GPA, but two of my classes were intro level and not really challenging. I guess I just had this idea that I would be pulling my hair out and sleep deprived, but here I am with a head full of hair and sleeping until 10 am most days. Three days a week my classes start at 1 pm so I could sleep in a ton and then still have some time to go running and get some coffee.

Originally, I had intended to major in photography, but the more I look into the major, the more I think that to an extent you can’t really teach photography in a classroom setting. I still love photography, but I think I am going to look into summer internships and shoot on my own time to further my photo knowledge. I figure since I am at school I should be learning something that I can only learn at a University, because I won’t get this opportunity again. I am now tentatively looking at design and psychology as possible majors.

In other news, I love Seattle. It hasn’t rained once in the past week, and the weather is really not as bad as anyone says… yet. Vegas’s winters however did not give me a wardrobe fit for this weather so I’m scrambling to find sweaters and gloves and boots. This turtleneck is my new favorite item and along with these cheap Monday boots that seriously wear everyday with everything. I find them super easy to walk in, edgy, and water repellent. I love exploring the city and have found a ton of cute places to explore and get food. I am absolutely obsessed with this Thai place I found, that cooks the food right in front of you. (not because they are trying to put on a show but because the space is immensely packed and everyone just has to sit around the kitchen) I’m drooling on my keyboard as I type this.

Speaking of Thai food, today I had my study abroad seminar and it made me so anxious. My school offers study practically anywhere: India, Morocco, Australia, Thailand, Paris, London, Spain… Next spring I have decided to study abroad in Vienna, Austria from about March until June. I worry I am not going to be able to stay in one place for four years so maybe some study abroad will help curb my desire to change cities.

The main thing I have learned so far is how to be alone. I spend almost all of my time on my own. I am slow at making friends and prefer to wander the streets at my own disposal than worry about making small talk and deciding what to do with someone I don’t know very well.

When I head out on my own I bring my wallet, a notebook, and whatever book I am reading at the time. I begrudgingly bring my phone for safety, but if I had it my way I would leave it at home

I set off to nowhere in particular. I will hop on the bus and zone out and get off where most other people seem to be getting off. I will pull out my phone and yelp the coolest places in the area, and head there.

I love finding back alleys and small courtyards and parks. Living postcards right in front of me that everyone else is too distracted to notice. I peek into shops I wouldn’t normally go in. Natural remedy shops, vintage stores, hole in the wall Mexican joints, sex shops. With no one around to tell me they don’t want to do something, I try everything.

When I am out alone and looking for places to eat, I look for places with windows. Coffee shops, cafes,  I’m not too picky as long as there is an open spot by the window. Even better if it faces outwards and not sideways. I order a coffee and a food item that won’t easily stain my notebook. I alternate between people watching, reading my book, and jotting down doodles and thoughts in my notebook. I encourage you to take the time to hang out with yourself, its the longest relationship you are going to have.

Hopefully next quarter I might interact with some people and have some harder classes. I am going to be enrolled in Design 101, Philosophy, and Germanics to prep for my spring quarter in Vienna.


Flowers by my windowsill in my dorm. I killed the big green one within a week but the others managed to survive


Strolling around Pikes on a sunny dayIMG_3141

Day trips to Bainbridge island. The boat ride over is calming and perfect study time. IMG_2921

Picnics out on the lake right by my dorm. On weekdays in only costs $3 to rent a canoe. IMG_2863

One of my favorite places to run, the Arboritum.IMG_2671

What a typical lunch looks like for me. IMG_2569

Pizza for one and Under the Tuscan SunIMG_2389

Walking to and from on campus is so prettyIMG_2369

My dorm


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