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For The Lost and Wanderlust..

SOMETIMES WE just feel the need to get away. We want to book a flight spontaneously, with money we don’t have, to anywhere but the place we are. Luckily,  we live in such a diverse nation, you can find your little Italy, your exotic Thailand, or your dreams of France where you are currently living. These places are all around us, it just takes some time to find them. Take the night off, visit a striking Thailand restaurant. Order pad thai or curry, or try something you’ve never had. That french cafe that you keep driving by everyday, make a stop in. Order a latte with a pastry that is screaming your name. If you have a lot of time, and really want to experience the feeling of being elsewhere, explore, explore, explore! You might come across a beautiful iron gate with a European influenced park behind it and lose yourself in the architecture and design.

Some other cheap ways to curb your wanderlust are…

Listen to music: Find entrancing romantic music of the area you desire to travel to. (Carla Bruni will instantly transport you to France)

Watch a foreign film: It doesn’t matter that you don’t understand it! Grab some authentic cuisine from that nation, sit down, and immerse yourself. (Chinese takout and this movie)

Read a book: Drop by a used book store and head to the travel section. Under the Tuscan Sun is a divine choice for those who want to go to Italy.

Diversity is all around you, and on the days you want to get away and experience culture, it’s not as far as you think.

I set off to find my favorite city in the world, Paris, in the streets of my current city, Seattle. Paris has a special place in my heart, I lived there for a few summers when I was younger and especially through the eyes of a child, Paris is full of wonder. I remember playing soccer with my sparkly pink ball in the field in front of the eiffel tower, and looking up at it and thinking it was so tall it was going to tip over at any moment and fall upon me. I remember riding carousel after carousel, watching puppet shows, getting lemon and sugar crepes from tiny hole in the wall shacks. I spent my summer days wearing handmade long poofy dresses in cherry prints and floral prints, laughing about playing in the louvre. Needless to say, I miss it a lot, so when I found a tiny crepe place in Capitol hill that reminded me of the ones I went to has a child, I was so happy. The outside had cherry red tables and the autumn leaves gave everything a romantic feel. Across the street was a small garden with a fountain in the center, and walking back in the rain with all of the street lights reflecting made me smile. Until I can afford a flight, it’s not so bad having a mini Paris just a bus stop away.

I hope you find your escape close to home.


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