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Pink Surf Cult x The Messy Heads

LADIES OF the Pink Surf Cult are not the type to withhold their opinions or bear undesirable conditions. Nevertheless, they are not the type to burn down the town with vague purpose. Instead, the Pink Surf Cult lady practices civil disobedience. She won’t do her homework if it means catching a swell, and when she feels an inclination to do so she may prank phone call her crush. She respects her parents; however, she will sneak out to surf under a full moon. She loves a good pair of shoes but understands that nothing feels better than running barefoot. She hops fences, scrapes her knees, rips her jeans, adn wipes out. She is as free as her sun beaten locks. Grace and femininity fall like fairy dust with each whip of her hair.

She is the sun. She is the moon. She is the sea.

She is a Pink Surf Cult chick.”

Photos by Dana Berk of Pink Surf Cult



Emma’s look // shirt from urban outfitters, pants from billabong

India’s look // boyfriend jeans, mesh top from asosFL7A3033FL7A3186FL7A3762FL7A3776FL7A3789FL7A3818FL7A3834-(1)FL7A3850

Emma’s look // Aquadolls t-shirt, jean shorts, vans sunnies, shoes

India’s look // Waverson’s t-shirt, vans sunnies, shoesFL7A3878-(1)FL7A3943-copyFL7A3965

Emma’s look// swimsuit

stay messy


  1. Anonymous says

    where/how do i buy India’s “I want t0 say hey but you’re too cool” shirt?


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