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January Inspiration

THIS JANUARY we are inspired by nostalgia & colors. Winter brings out dark coats & dark colors. Looking back into the 70s, everyone was much more adventurous with incorporating color and print into their wardrobes. Why do we keep going back to black? Even the popular makeup of today leans towards harsh lines, dark colors, and exaggerated features instead of light airy and focusing on natural beauty.

We have also found a few really cool projects that focus on the idea of beauty and style. We hope the stuff that we found inspires you as much as it inspires us!

1. Skater chicks from the 70s

We found these photos and were instantly obsessed. Their outfits, long ombre hair, overall fearlessness, and rad skate style…

tumblr_n9shbqwYde1qfcut4o1_1280 tumblr_n9shbqwYde1qfcut4o2_1280 tumblr_n9shbqwYde1qfcut4o7_1280

2. Wholeo Dome

Completed in 1974, Wholeo Dome is a 14-foot-in-diameter, 7-foot-tall geodesic dome covered with curved, stained glass panels. In 2004, after having been kept in storage for more than twenty years, Wholeo Dome is installed at The Farm School in Summertown, TN.


3. Amber Mozo

We first fell in love with this Hawaiian photographer when we saw her OC video. She has amazing vibes and keeps producing stunning content on her tumblr. Her content makes us feel nostalgic for the present, like these are the best days of our lives and we should be living them to the fullest right now.


4. Woodstock

With Coachella coming up we are looking back to the best festival of all time. The festival outfits of today actually look pretty similar.tumblr_n9gsezNDl11r7622qo6_r1_500tumblr_n9gsezNDl11r7622qo5_r1_500tumblr_n9gsezNDl11r7622qo4_r1_500

5. What’s Underneath project

This amazing mother daughter team has started this project to redefine what we think of as beauty. They film people from all across the country telling their stories, their struggle, and what their style really means to them. The videos will inspire you, make you laugh and cry, and think differently about the ideal standard of beauty. Check out their website here. 

6. March 1972 Issue of Seventeen Magazine

While thrifting Emma found a magazine from the seventies and had to pick it up.


Loving her tights with wedge sandals.Scan-9

This was from an article on backpacking. Scan-7

One of our resolutions is to bike more and this girl is our muse. Scan-2-copy

Loving her makeup- bare-faced with thick brows. Scan-2

Primary colors & bold patternsScan-5 Scan-6 Scan-8

When I was flipping through the magazine, I stopped on this photo series and it really spoke to me about travel, life, and how everything is ours to discover. When I got to the bottom of the set, I was overjoyed to find out it had been photographed by one of my favorite photographers, Art Kane. I found his work by getting $1 books at a used book store. He is responsible for photographing some of the most iconic images of bands, like this famous picture of The Who.

7. Current Magazines

Elle magazine seems to agree with our seventies vibes this month. IMG_0163 IMG_0161 IMG_0162

8. Worn Stories

This book tells extraordinary stories of ordinary garments. 81QpV1GZ+1L 81fOj+JTi7L

8. For Love & Lemons collection

This photo set is just everything… The white lace, fringe, and circle glasses. for-love-and-lemons-skivvies for-love-and-lemons-skivvies-copy for-love-and-lemons-skivvies-copy-2 for-love-and-lemons-skivvies-4 for-love-and-lemons-skivvies-3 for-love-and-lemons-skivvies-2 for-love-and-lemons-skivvies-1

9. Other Fashion Inspiration


See through material with flower appliqué


Manish Arora’s Spring 2015 ready to wear line IMG_5865

Our style queen, Mimi Elashiry Scan-1

Free people’s new catalogue features this dreamy coordinate set topped with a fringe kimono.

10. Hairspiration



stay messy


  1. Anonymous says

    i love how you guys are so inspired and open to new things no matter the circumstance i love i love it i love it i wish the earth was crawling with people like you guys!!! ahhh


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