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WE WERE outside running along the streets barefoot till the street lamps turned on…

Part 1//

My mom and I picked up a couple of espressos and drove across the Mojave and ended up in Huntington beach after 4 hours of great laughs and conversations. We snuggled into my papa’s house, tired as can be, and dozed off. I rubbed my eyes open at about 6 am and quietly made myself a cup of coffee. I thought I was the only one awake, then I looked over and my papa was doing his crossword puzzles and puffing on a mole. I love him so much. I chit chatted with him for a bit then threw some clothes on and headed out onto Beach Blvd. I went to a very early breakfast with two lovely girls named Sidney and Maddie. We met at Sunset Beach and grabbed some great food at The Secret Spot! We laughed and shared stories and walked to a cute little donut and coffee shack before I had to head back to pick up my mom and start our drive down PCH.

Part 2//

Mom and I got to my Aunt’s house in Laguna Niguel right after Blaze and Suede did; I was so happy to see them. We all went down to Nektar and got something to munch on before we went out for the night. Driving with my family is possibly the funniest thing ever, with my mom slamming over speed bumps, Suede trying to vlog, and blaze and I in the back with hot coffees…something bad is bound to happen. With our shirts tinted with coffee from the bumpy ride and our stomachs sore from laughing so hard we went back to the house, took a power nap, changed our clothes, and headed down to Zio Ziegler’s art show. We waited in line for a bit, and once we were all inside, the art brought us into hypnosis. The lines, the concepts, the smallest details, they were all so well thought out. Zio is the type of artist that puts in effort and has true talent, He puts meticulous detail into a simple black and white pen drawing. They had an awesome DJ who was turning tables with some old jazz records, I was a fan hehe. But I cannot leave out the most shocking part, when Blaze introduced himself to his biggest art inspiration and gave him a piece of his work in appreciation, Zio went out of his way to draw a custom piece for him. I thought it was so awesome. All in all, he hosted a fantastic show. We capped the night with yellow curry, chicken skewers, Pad Thai, and a comfy bed.

Part 3 //

The next morning I rose at dawn with my brother and we drove down the highway at sunrise with the new born sun rising over the ocean. We sat at Klash Koffee and let our minds go wild onto the notebooks in front of us. We ate avo and tomas while sipping on a latte. Deep purple curtains with coins as fringe, crushed velvet cushions billowed among the floor, and incredible like minded people; My brother and I fit so comfortably. We walked towards the ocean, as the waves had been calling us for hours. Our skin thickened as we threw ourselves at the oncoming swells of salt water. Refreshed and shivering we found ourselves reminiscing on old stories from our childhood. Droplets were still falling from our skin and the tips of our salty hair as we made our way back up to the streets to go see my friends at Thalia. We were welcomed by the smell of sex wax and Mac Demarco serenading the inside of the shop. Noah was working that day and we chit chatted for a while before I left with a bag full of records, CD’s,  a Mowgli sweatshirt,and a Thalia camper mug in one hand and of course a Seaworth’s cold brew in the other! We then walked down to GiGi’s for some Greek cuisine…yummy. After a long day of walking on our blistered feet, we made our way back home. We watched the sun dive, and sink to the depths of the blue.

Part 4//

We woke up the next morning in Beverly hills. The smell of french pressed coffee and the sound of the city filled the room. We stayed at our great friends Robert and Ginger’s flat on Beverly Blvd. Robert and I talked about Poland, and when he used to be a part of the punk revolution in Europe. After eating what seemed almost 100 Bixby muffins and meditating on a succulent-engulfed balcony, I headed off to the LF headquarters! Suede, Maddi, and I chose our favorite pieces and went down to Abbot Kinney to shoot for the new Spring and Summer line! I love Venice beach, the colors and the far out shops are so fascinating and lovely. We were outside running along the streets barefoot till the street lamps turned on and we became so tired that we couldn’t even stand. Driving back to Beverly hills with the music blaring and the city lights reflecting off of the wet streets was so relaxing. It was the end of my trip and I had come to a realization of how lucky and fortunate I am. I love the life I live and the people who I am surrounded by everyday. I left the next morning at dawn and arrived back home just in time to sit with my cat and eat some ripe mangoes. Another trip down and many more memorable ones to go.

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stay messy


  1. Sonia says

    Beautiful writing! The incredible imagery almost made me cry. I live vicariously through you and Emma!


  2. Laura says

    India, where did you get your sweet shoes you’re wearing with the Free People thigh highs???


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