February Favorites


Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

EVERYTHING WE loved during the month of love, fruits, hair products to tame your messy mane, and music to scream along to.



Grease- If you don’t know all the words to Summer Nights what are you even doing? Open a new tab and memorize it pronto! (will need a singing partner to execute perfectly) Love rewatching this classic now that we are older knowing that some of the “highschoolers” in the film were played by 28 year olds. That gives us a little bit more time to at least act like adolescents.

All This Mayhem- Yes.. another movie about skateboarding. But unlike our favorite (Lords of Dogtown) this one shows the dark side of fame and the skate world. Raw, tragic, and will have you in tears.

Dear Zachary- This film is a tribute to Andrew Bagby. It tells the story of his battle for his son, and how his murderer ends up with custody.

Frances Ha– A story of a dancer in New York who isn’t sure of where she is going to sleep every night or how she will survive.. all she knows is she wants to pursue her passions.

Hick- A thirteen year old girl who runs from Nebraska to Vegas with only a pistol.



Fashionable Selby Amazing photo book of people who dedicate their lives to fashion. So interesting to see how focused each craft can be.

Friendshifts- A how-to book on being a good friend and evolving friendships. Teaches you to think deeper about relationships and what you can give and receive.

Go Ask Alice– This book is written in diary form and reading it feels so deeply intrusive and personal.



Soft ribbed tees- In black or white, the material and way it hugs your body will make it one of your favorites to throw on. Grab one here.

Red doc marten sandals- India got a pair of these sandals and has been wearing them nonstop.

Levi 501s- Loving these classics with anything and everything.

Nastygal- Have been loving pretty much everything on this site lately.



Smoothie bowls- Em has been eating these nonstop. All you do is blend up frozen fruit of your choice + almond milk + peanut butter & top with granola

Banana chocolate chip Pancakes- Breakfast food is such a comfort and banana pancakes have a certain childhood nostalgia. Make these vegan by putting in trader joes chocolate chips & gluten free by substituting half gluten free flour & half almond flour.

Pomegranate juice- Mix pom with orange juice or soda water.

Trader joe’s dark roast coffee- So smooth. Add chocolate silk soy milk for creamer.



Moroccanoil Hair Products YES… this may be a shock, but we found something to tame our messy hair. The intense hydrating mask is perfect for softening bleached out hair & hydrating style cream to put in dry hair everyday.

Duolingo- Em has been using this app to prep for her abroad in Vienna. It is super easy way to practice or pick up a language.

Hotdudesreading- This instagram page is our new favorite… just follow and see.

Coffee Mugs- We have been talking about starting a coffee mug collection with different mugs from every place we go to. Coffee for us is such a quiet, peaceful time and linking each sip with a certain memory is the goal of our mug collection. So go glaze some mugs with your friends or buy some on family vacations to remind you of your happy times that will get you going on even the dreariest of Monday mornings. We love this one & this one.

Daisy Dream Perfume- This scent is perfect and light for spring. It reminds us of wind tousled carefree hair driving down the highway if you could bottle that up in a scent. Try it on at a department store then buy it here for 30% off.



I Always Knew- The Vaccines

Only One- Kanye

When a Heart Breaks- Ben Rector

Always Gold- Radical Face

Burning- The Whitest Boy Alive

Westside- The Kooks

Riptide- Taylor Swift

Immortal- Marina and the Diamonds

After Tonight-Justin Uzuka

Heartbreak Warfare- John Mayer

*Most of these tracks have been reblogged to our Soundcloud


  1. Janna says

    Its like your posts get better and more perfect every time 🙂

  2. thanks for sharing these films… being a film fanatic myself I’m looking forward to view them, especially ‘Dear Zachary’ ^_^

  3. Yaz says

    For artists I think you should listen toTame Impala and The Kooks’ album Inside In Inside Out their both really amazing! Love your February favourites!! Xoxo

  4. Kristen says

    You girls are already changing my life, and it’s only been fifteen minutes!! Lots of love xx

  5. Anonymous says

    this is such a genuine blog, the way you write shoes that you put so much time and effort into every post!

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