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Leucadia Lucidity

WE DROVE on Saxony the whole way home and took in the beauty of the green grasses, the rust canyon colored mud, the fuchsia flowers, chlorine blue puddles, and the mist that ran from as far as I could see east all the way to the ocean sands.

Last week I visited Encinitas, one of my favorite places. We were welcomed by my cousin Gabriella and my aunt Nancy to their quaint new home. It is steps away from the train tracks and hidden beneath lush greenery. It’s the perfect little beach cottage. We settled in and unpacked our things, chit chatted over tea, and of course Suede and Lala wanted to go adventure. We hopped in the coop all bundled up and headed to moonlight yogurt. I am not the biggest fan of frozen yogurt, but they had the most amazing peanut butter yogurt EVER. I got myself a little bowl of that to pass the time while the girls had me doing loop dee loops on D Street because they think they are directional geniuses hehe. We found ourselves in an empty laundromat taking pictures under the harsh fluorescent lights and dancing to the music that played in our heads. The night came to a close when we got home, giggled in the dark, and laid our heads on our pillows.

The next morning, I awoke to the gorgeous sound of rain pouring down like liquid concrete onto the windows. My sister, Lala, and I snuck out trying to disguise the sound of our footsteps under the crashing thunder of the sky. We went to Leucadia Donuts and chose from the holy mecca of delicious morning treats beneath the glass. When we got back, Mom and aunt Nancy had coffee on the table and were reminiscing the moments we all shared on the beach, watching all of us kids growing up. We ate coffee and donuts and caught up on homework until the rain migrated inland a bit.

I wanted to go visit my friends in Solana Beach. I had to the girls tag along with me to some brunch at my absolute favorite Lockwood Cafe! We talked with the incredible staff while chowing down on some walnut butter and lentils, then headed over to leaping lotus where i bought Emma all of her birthday gifts, because I know how much she loves that place. After walking cedros all day we went back home to freshen up, and then headed to Carmel Valley to see Kimia and her kids at Crust! Seeing the kids makes me so beyond grateful to be a part of their lives (I nanny for them in the summer). They keep getting bigger and bigger and it is so eye-opening to see such incredible kids turn out due to amazing parents. Anyways, after we ate some delicious food we hurried home to sleep, because we were so exhausted.

The next morning was gloomy and drizzly, so Suede and I went to Lotus Cafe and drank pitaya smoothies and ate artichoke sandwiches. The employees there have great energy and are always just as excited to see us as we are them! The sky went completely dark in minutes and it started spewing rain outside. We climbed into my car and listened to John Mayer until the sky came to a calm light sprinkle, and we headed to Aviara to pick up Lala from school. As we headed back to Encinitas with Lala in the back seat we stopped by a farmers market tent full of veggies, fruits, flowers, homemade treats, succulents, and honey. We picked up a few things for my aunt in exchange for having us at her home for the weekend. We drove on Saxony the whole way home and took in the beauty of the green grasses, the rust canyon colored mud, the fuchsia flowers, chlorine blue puddles, and the mist that ran from as far as i could see east all the way to the ocean sands. I got home and sipped on a cup of tea and thought about how amazing and beautiful my second home is.


IMG_6970 IMG_6973

IMG_6974 IMG_7004 IMG_7006 IMG_7008IMG_6978 IMG_6975IMG_7010IMG_7021 IMG_7014 IMG_7013 IMG_7012 IMG_7011

IMG_7024 IMG_7026 IMG_7030 IMG_7075 IMG_7076

IMG_7142  IMG_7143IMG_7144

IMG_7146 IMG_7102


IMG_7170  IMG_7166 IMG_7164  IMG_7157 IMG_7155  IMG_7149 IMG_7148

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stay messy


  1. Catherine says

    I can’t explain how much I love your blog and your hearts. You are so amazing, thank you.


  2. peacefullyjulia says

    The way you write, ah, it makes me feel endlessly inspired. I love this post. You’re so naturally beautiful ♥


  3. Saida says

    reading that really made me miss summer, it all sounded so amazing! also I’m glad I found your guys’ blog, it’s now one of my absolute favorites, you’re so inspiring x


  4. Jannaa :) says

    Realllyy like this!! its so cool because I follow you on snapchat and its really awesome that I now know who is who if that makes sense hahahah 🙂


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