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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

CRYSTALS & CARROTS pretty much sum up our April. Spring has sprung and everything feels fresh and new. Eating plant based whole foods, making up new dances, and learning about holistic medicine are things that are making us feel renewed. At the same time, we are connecting back with our past, thumbing through old journals, watching old movies, and wearing old clothes.



Cowspiracy- A must watch for everyone. It will enlighten you to the main cause behind all of our pollution that the government doesn’t want you to know. You may be unknowingly wasting water equivalent to running your shower straight for two months in a single meal. In honor of earth day, we want as many people as we can get to watch it.

Dark Crystal- I used to watch this all the time as a child and was just reminded of it. A weird twisted movie with puppets all centered around a powerful crystal. At the time, the animatronics were revolutionary, but now it feels both awkward and magical.

Grind- Always have to include on skate movie. A group of teenagers go on a road trip to win a big skateboarding competition. This movie is all about the journey, and not the destination.

Youtubers- Good Mythical Morning is the perfect way to start your day. Ben Green has such a vibrant energy you can’t help but smile watching his videos. & of course subscribe to our Messy Heads channel and Emma’s new vlog channel documenting her time in Vienna.



Moonglass– One of Emma’s favorite books. The girl is a runner in it and has lives on the coast. It is such a quick read to pump you up for runs along the beach and rendezvous with surfer boys and jumping off cliffs.

Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine– India is thinking about studying holistic medicine in the future and has been reading up on it lately. This book is a good starter if you are curious about medical alternatives that have been in practice for centuries.

Our journals- we have both had so much stuff on our minds lately and have been filling up pages in our like mad. It is so refreshing to go back and reread your experiences and be appreciative of what you have accomplished and what is still to come.



Super High Waisted Jeans- We are loving jeans that hit you at the tiniest part of your waist, almost up to your ribcage. SO flattering.

We like….

Bralettes- The perfect thing to wear with your uber high waist jeans is a little lacy bralette. Perfect for going out, just throw on dainty necklaces & your favorite faux leather jacket or vintage bleached out jean jacket.

We like….

Chunky Comfy Sandals We love these vegan sandals from Solestruck because of how comfy they are and how rad they look. Very Lily-Rose Depp.

Rounded Sunnies- Emma brought these sunglasses in nude to Vienna (check this insta post). They are so fun that I want them in lavender, mint, and tortoise shell as well!



Sushi Bowl- We have both been eating a ton of rice lately. Grab your favorite rice (long grain, jasmine, wild, brown, quinoa) & plop it in a bowl. Top with your favorite sushi things, ie: cucumbers, avo, carrots, bell peppers, mango, red cabbage. Drizzle soy sauce & crushed nori on top of it and serve.

Veggie Pasta- Another thing that you can throw together super easily. Grab your favorite pasta, favorite tomato sauce and throw steamed or baked veggies on top of it, ie: broccoli, peas, shredded carrots, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, edamame, bell peppers, avo. The options are endless.

Justin’s Almond Butter- They come in perfect little to go packages that India always keeps in her bags. When you are on the go & need something to hold you over they are the perfect treat to energize you.

Vegan Ice Cream- Emma found an amazing vegan ice cream place in Vienna, but you can also grab chocolate hazelnut from whole foods.

Carrots- Every time we facetime Emma is always munching on a carrot. Grab a bag of huge ones to keep in your pantry and snack on with hummus, guacamole, or peanut butter.

So Delicious! Coconut Creamer- We usually put almond milk in our coffee but this creamer is another way to flavor your coffee this morning.



Olive Green Nails- The deep colors accentuates the fresh green leaves budding around you and helps remind you to enjoy the spring around you.

Hacky sack or Juggling- Fresh air and mild temperatures are just outside your door. Emma has been constantly hacky sacking before dinner with her group and India has been practicing juggling a soccer ball with her neighbor.

Making Dances in the Car- When you have to listen to the radio you are likely to hear the same songs over and over. Instead of getting annoyed, just make up dances with your friends to do in the car to them like India & her neighbor did.

Serape- Emma took one on her picnic & the bright colors set against the grass made for a perfect spring day. They are beautifully colored and super high quality to last forever. They are the best thing to keep in your car because you will need one for cold nights, beach days, rooftops, or laying in parks.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil- India recently rediscovered Ylang Ylang oil which reminds her of your childhood. (It is also one of the notes in the Chanel perfume) Put a drop on your neck and mix one pump of lotion with two drops of oil and massage it on your pressure points: back of your ankle, wrists, neck, & back of the knees. Mix it with facial lotion and put a bit under your eyes.

Eucalyptus Oil- Mix one drop with a little bit of night cream and rub on your face before bed for a refreshing feeling. It makes your face feel fresh and rejuvenated. In the morning mix one drop with your face wash to start the day.

a2434260806_10 copy

Alex Aiono covers songs on youtube and we love his relaxing voice. His mashups are amazing.

Cheerleader- Omi

Giants- Bear Hands

Snowship- Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Hey Ma- Camron

Colt 45- Afroman

Red Tide- The Growlers

Twelve- Abhi Dijon

*Most of these tracks have been reblogged to our Soundcloud


  1. Han says

    Do u think you could do another journal peek video? I would love it if you both had small snapshots of your journals and make a blog post #2 on it! Thanks and love the post!!

  2. WickedCyn says

    Literally I love you guys in so many ways💕 Thanks for Being such an inspiration to me

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