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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

THIS APRIL as usual we were inspired by color. Streaks inside Basquiat’s notebook, pastel centaur hair, & eating rainbows. Since Earth day was a focal point of this month, we were also motivated by compassion and have two ways for you to make a difference below. We also threw in two beautiful love stories, and a Monika Lewinsky. Enjoy.

1. Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks

Looking into someone else’s notebook is a way to look into their soul, their daily thoughts, and their jumbled emotions. The Brooklyn Museum hosted an exhibit featuring pages from Basquiat’s journal. They are so random, ranging from deep issues about race to silly doodles that don’t make much sense. Gazing at his pages, we are inspired to release our inhibitions and just journal, even if it is just one word circled several times.

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2. Monica Lewinsky

Our generation today mostly knows her from rap songs. After watching this video, she shifts from just a song lyric to a powerful, educated, and inspiring person. She talks about online presence and how we perpetuate public shaming online.

3. The Siena Cathedral

Emma went to this church in Siena and was completely blown away. Construction started on this magnificent cathedral in 1000 AD, and continued well into the 1800s, and is still being maintained today. It is so hard to fathom creating something today that we would never see finished, maybe even our children’s children wouldn’t see finished. It evokes a tremendous amount of compassion and effort.

Read more about Emma’s Trip here

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4. Skateboarding in Kabul

For some skateboarding is just a hobby, a thing to do on the weekends or to get from Bruxie to the pier, but just on the other side of the world it is an outlet and escape.

Photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson captures NGO Skateistan‘s students in Kabul. The project aims to mix school with skating. These girls from poor and displaced families are able to get back into full-time education by empowering them through the art, and the fun, of the board. “Coming to Skateistan might be the only chance for some of our students to do a sport, do creative arts, or have a positive education experience, they also get to have lots of fun and make friends as part of a youth community built through a shared love of skateboarding.”

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5. Kids on the Run

What we love about this film is that the two people in it are actually in love.

Asher Moss and Melodi Meadows met in Austin and worked on various projects together and soon after meeting, became one prolific powerhouse, as photographer, stylist, musician, painter, muse, and model.

6. Cowspiracy

In honor of Earth day, sit down and watch this film. It is up to us to respect and sustain our home. Environmentalists continue to tell us how soon there will be no more drinkable water, no more rainforests, more extinctions, and poor air quality, all at our own doing. There is a really simple way to save 1100 gallons of water, 45 lbs of grain, 30 Sq feet of forest, 20 lbs of CO2, and an average of ONE LIFE a day!!! Do yourself and the earth a favor and watch the documentary “Cowspiracy” & start LISTENING.


7. Jada Pickett Smith and Tupac

Before they reached success, Tupac & Jada were just classmates at the Baltimore School of the Arts. They remained close even after school ended. This note that Tupac wrote Jada is perhaps the best love note we have ever read.



8. Sea World Petition

For too long Orcas have been kept in SeaWorld’s too tiny chambers, dying too early, being separated from their families, and undergoing psychosis. When I first watched Blackfish (documentary on Netflix), I felt so helpless. Especially since moving to Seattle, I have caught glimpses of these creatures peeking out of the water and crossing immense distances. To think that their kin were trapped in our equivalent of a bathtub for their entire lives saddened me.

Thankfully,  there has been a proposed ban on Orca captivity and you can sign the petition here!

9. Rainbow Foods

We find that lately we are eating a lot more color. It is so lovely to look at your plate and see a wide ranging palette for both your tastes and your eyes. Not even just the color of a meal, but wandering down to farmers markets with rows of fresh fruits and veggies instantly brings happiness. Some even think that eating your colors can open up your chakras. Whatever the benefits, we think that the hue of food is beautiful and photographer Brittany Wright, of Wright Kitchen, Seattle, agrees. (note to self to check her restaurant out when I get home).

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10. Fantasia

As a child I watched Fantasia over and over again. My favorite scene was always with the centaur girls with multicolored hair getting all dolled up by the cherubs. Rewatching it we were both re-inspired by these fabulous girls.

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