I Spent 2000 In Prague


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I HONESTLY had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed up to go to Prague. All I had heard from my group mates was that “Prague has a good nightlife,” and “have you bought your tickets for Prague yet?”

Our bus ride left at 2:00 from Wien. Kelly and I stocked up on juice & chips to endure the four hour trip ahead of us. We passed forests with trees that stretched up to the sky, fields thick with neon yellow flowers, over rolling hills and through tiny villages. I was so carsick. Upon arriving I went to the ATM to get some money out of my account. I had no idea what the exchange rate was, but selected 2000 because it was the middle option. Two crisp lavender thousand dollar bills spilled out of the machine. (82 US dollars, and was plenty to get me through my weekend).

After dumping the backpack I brought off at our surprisingly chic hostel, we went out for tacos & chips and guacamole and margaritas. The one thing about Europe is it is a Mexican food wasteland out here, so you have to understand that sinking your teeth into an actually decent taco is the equivalent of drinking fresh cold water in a sandy desert. I think I told the waiter that I was in love with him. Properly fed, the night began. I may not have known much about Prague, but when I was told it had a good nightlife I did not expect it to be this good. We went bar hopping, starting at a tavern that was a maze of caves with twists and turns every which way, reminding me of the naked mole rat burrow diagrams from my Animal Psychology textbooks. I listened to drunken accents try to sing the words to American songs. We went to two more bars, and then hit the five story club. Each level had a different music theme. I was vibing so hard and danced in every corner on every floor until It was almost 4 am.

Unfortunately I had left my camera at a friend’s apartment before we went out, so all of my vlogging footage is just before we went out. (see the bit I got here)

The rest of my photos were taken on my phone for the one full day we had in Praha. I walked fifteen miles total our full day there. I saw all the sights I could see and ate all of the local (vegan) cuisine there was to eat. I entered a church with gilded golden baroque statues, danced in front of the John Lennon wall to a boy playing Beatles songs on his guitar, ran through the halls containing the Slav Epics, rubbed the statue of St. John of Nepomuk for good luck, crossed the Charles Bridge, and got the best gelato I have ever had (and I went through Italy). My favorite moment of the day was climbing up a lush green hill covered in fresh spring flowers, then sitting at a wall on the very top, overlooking all of Prague, wrapped in a sense of peaceful awe and splendor of the world that I am so lucky to be a traveller through.

stay messy IMG_7835 breakfast views by the river IMG_7837 cup of coffee IMG_7843 path up the hill IMG_7850 IMG_7853 view from the top of the wallIMG_7856 best gelato, I got dark chocolate and strawberry stay messy


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