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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

THE MAIN thing on our mind this May was finishing up class and being reunited this summer. May is such a tease, offering warm sunbeams to sweeten our tea and colorful flowers peeking up through sidewalk cracks. We enjoyed this last stretch before freedom by buying clothes for summer, filling up on fruit, and analyzing our dreams.



Like Water for Chocolate– 3 good reasons to watch this movie: gorgeous Spanish speaking couple, mouth watering food, and an incredibly heart wrenching love story. India’s mom threw a “Like Water for Chocolate” dinner party with an entire table plated just like in the movie.

The Third Man- Emma saw this black and white film in an old Viennese theater. The cinematography is interesting, each frame is artwork. Smoke swirling around heads, shots of Vienna’s underground tunnels, diagonal frames, and Baroque buildings.

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear- Listen to this amazing speaker who will blow away the myths, fill your mind with interesting facts, and help you make ethical choices for a healthy heart and soul. His charismatic and straightforward style is one of a kind – a must-see for anyone who cares about nonhuman animals or wishes to make the world a better place.

Youtubers- This month we have been inspired by you guys! We love watching all of our little messies videos to make our community more connected. Some of our favorites are our french babe Camille, the visionary Nydia, cute as a button Cybelle, & creative wanderer Madisun. Send us the link to your youtube channel at our email or on our tumblr to be featured in our next monthly favorites!

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Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams- The mind wander to weird realms when we shut our eyes for the night. This book deals with such an interesting topic and Freud is an entertaining writer. Also explains theories about mental energy; “Nervous or mental energy is analogous to physical energy… this energy circulates within a closed system… wishes arise and seek satisfaction. Satisfaction takes the form of discharging energy.”

Signs of the Times- India learned sign language in school & found this book at Goodwill and picked it up for Emma to learn too. Has step by step lessons and is very easy to follow. Pick it up after your finals wind down. This could be useful when you least expect it, or just code for you and your friends to talk to each other from across the room.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility- This book is so important for every girl to read. We are taught so little about our own bodies and this covers everything about our natural cycles and how to be more in tune with ourselves. Bonny Rebecca does a brief explanation of it in this video. 



Birkenstocks- Emma’s brown booties fell apart. Shoeless, and in the middle of Munich, she popped into the first store & found these amazing metallic sandals. After three days they are broken in and incredibly comfortable.

Tevas- Just like Birkenstocks, these were the shoes that soccer dads wore that are now being passed on to us. Tevas has actually stepped up their game with super cute, sporty looking platform sandals. Find your favorite color & pair with ut off jean shorts or overalls, your favorite tshirt, and a baseball cap.

Colorful Socks- School is over which means an abundance of lazier mornings, waking up, and not having to throw on your shoes right away to run out the door. Accompany your morning tea and book reading routine with some colorful socks that are sure to make you smile. (& Hey you can always pair them with your platform Tevas!) Check out all the bright patterns at Happy Socks!

Denim Buttoned Skirt- We love the playful look of this style of skirt.. Pair with a tucked in button down shirt, a destroyed band tee, a flowy off the shoulder seventies top, or embroidered blouse.

Straw Hat- Time to put away the wool hats that got us through fall and winter. Straw hats are as essential as sunscreen when the sun comes out. We are liking them in unexpected colors, like amber or black.

Vintage denim jackets- Thrift shops and second hand stores are the place to snag an already worn in, super soft denim jacket. The trick is to look in the guys section, any extra sleeve length or torso length can be easily shortened with a pair of scissors. once it is snipped to your size, rub the edges with sandpaper, roll up the sleeves to your elbow, and wear it everywhere.



Bananas- We have both been loading up on bananas lately, eating five or so for breakfast. Keep a bundle our on your counter to snack on or throw some in your bag on the way to school.

Watermelon- India was living on watermelon island for a few days this month, and the obsession continued throughout all of May. Chop it in half and eat it out with a spoon, slice it up and sprinkle salt and lime on them, or cube it up and stick it in the freezer to make watermelon ice cubes for fruity drinks.

Tempeh- Perfect addition to asian style cooking. Cut them into quarter inch strips and sautéd in coconut oil and some soy sauce until crispy golden brown. Plop in a bowl with brown rice, snow peas, avocado, and black sesame seeds.

Farmer Market Bites- Troll around your local farmers market and see what fresh food your area has to offer. Besides colorful fruits and veggies, you can find fresh baked bread, pickles, olives and garlic, various jarred spreads, and colors and tastes to inspire you.

Balsamic Glaze- This sauce adds a deep sweet but still balsamic taste to dishes. We like it on spinach tomato salads, roasted potatoes, with a hunk of bread, or drizzled over pasta.

Beet Juice- Emma drinks this about three times a week to help with her iron deficiency. The taste is bitter at first, but after a glass or two you appreciate its earthy flavor and rich color. Pressed with spinach and a little bit of basil is ideal.

Sun Tea- If the sun is shining, fill up jars with water and tea bags and leave them out on your porch so the suns rays can glisten all over it. If you set it out in the morning, by the end of the day the tea will be fermented and sweet and taste like sunshine and happiness. Pour into a glass with a few ice cubes and sit outside and watch the sunset.

Dates- Dried dates are the perfect energy snack food. If you find the right ones, they are ooey gooey and taste like a caramel candy. Bake them for a bit and put over coconut ice cream, or split them down the middle and fill with chunky peanut butter.

Fossil Amonite copy


White Winged Eyeliner- The black cat eye has been so big this year, so take those winging skills you learned from some youtube video and use white liner instead. India tried it out here and the result was fresh fairy-like.

Aquamarine Nails- This month we loved teal nails because they remind us of summer and diving under ocean waves together.

Dry Brushing- Process that removes your dead skin cells, and can help reduce cellulite. Check out this video to watch how it is done!

Natural History Museums- Search in your city where your natural history museum is and go there ASAP! Some are free on certain days or for students which makes it even better. Marvel over our natural world, get lost in a room of geodes or over fossilized remains of an animal that is no longer roaming the earth. It helps to put life into perspective and reconnect with your environment and just how fucking amazing the planet is.

Beach Throws Combo towels/blankets/rugs. Take them to the park for picnics, to the beach, and when summer is over it will make a lovely rug on your bedroom floor, or a kitschy wall hang.

Watching Soccer- Soccer tournament season is going on right now. Go support friends at their tournaments and sit on the sidelines, cheering, juggling the ball, and sipping on slurpees. If you can’t find one to go to, watch an international soccer game on the TV while snacking on fiery hot Takis.

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Just Like Heaven- The Cure

Radar Detector- Darwin Deez

Bohemian Like You- The Dandy Warhols

I Once Had  a Dream- Moving House

Penny Song- Little Bird

L$D- A$AP Rocky

Here- Alessia Cara

Peaches & Cream- Snoop Dogg

My Smile is Extinct- Kane Strang

Weekend- Mocki

*Most of these tracks have been reblogged to our Soundcloud


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    I’m just seein this now, you guys are the sweetest souls. I love you!! Hoping to see you this summer ❤️

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