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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

SUNSHINE & MOONLIGHT are the themes of the summer. Hot summer days and pavement influence what we wear and eat. We are also revisiting our favorite summer movies and watching big waves. The hot summer nights inspire our nail color and have us eating pizza. We hope some of our summer favorites become yours as well.



Lords of Dogtown- If you have been following our blog for a while then you are probably like, “oh shut the fuck up about Lords of Dogtown already,” but if you are new here then welcome, now watch this movie. Our first day reunited we watched it before bed, still in love with Stacy Peralta’s long blond hair, still making fun of TA’s cackle, still crying over the “Fire” scene. Please help. We really can’t stop saying “Nicce, TA, nice.”

Riding Giants– If you have done the above step, consider this step 2. This film is essentially dogtown, just add water (it is actually directed by Stacy Peralta). Be prepared to watch Laird Hamilton charge massive waves, crush, and kill the the game. This was a moment in surfing no one had ever seen before.

Break Free– As if anyone needs another reason to be obsessed with Ruby Rose, but here it is. She wrote, produced, and starred in this short film dealing with gender identity. Really beautiful moments and in just five short minutes you learn a lot about ability to define yourself.

Thai fruit fest videos- All of our favorite vegan Youtubers have been living it up in Thailand at the thai fruit fest. We get to travel there for a few minutes via their videos. Check out Essena, Bonny, Arielle, & Freelee.



You’re a Badass- How to stop doubting your greatness and live an awesome life. This book is a wakeup call, kicks your ass, yells at you, and ultimately loves you more than any book ever has. By the end you will feel motivated to shed all the excuses you carry around, and just DO.

Local Magazines & Newspapers- When was the last time you read a newspaper (comics don’t count). Next time you go grab coffee or to a local cafe, grab one from the stacks sitting by the door. We spend a lot of our day connecting to people across the country, or even across the world through a phone; sit down and hold a piece of paper and getting connected back with your community. Check out summer events and articles. You may learn more about your city and it’s history.

The Plantpower Way- This is like a vegan beginner bible. It is half recipes, and half lifestyle and why it is important to eat plant based. It is written by vegan ultra-distance athlete and high-profile wellness advocate Rich Roll, who has been a big inspiration to us lately. (Even more on him featured later in this post).



Baseball hat– Perfect hat to throw on and block your face when the sun is too harsh. Comes in so many colors, and it is beyond versatile. Our fav colors are the pumpkin and the teal!

Mood Rings- Remember in third grade when you wore mood rings and silly bands? Drop the silly bands but mood rings are so fun for summer, the ever changing colors may not have anything to do with your state of mind but definitely add interest to your finger tips.

Bodysuits- This cotton body suit from American Apparel is a serious summer staple for us just because of the versatility. Put on tattered jean shorts, boyfriend jeans, a long skirt, a loose dress or just dive in the ocean in it.

Vintage Tees- Head to a goodwill or thrift store & storm the tee rack. Flip through til you find the perfect loose faded find to pair with shorts on a summer day.

Elle Evans Swimmers- We absolutely love Elle & her brand. Instead of spending your money on a triangl like every other beach babe has, check out her stuff! High quality, hand made, eco friendly, & all the way from Australia. We just picked up their Lula May bandeaus.

Scarf–  Grab a light weight summer scarf to wrap around your head to protect from the sun, wrap around your waist as a sarong, or use it as a headband.



Pizza- We have both been full vegan for half  a year now, so pizza usually isn’t on our minds. We got a custom pizza the other day with artichoke hearts, olives, loads of garlic, sun-dried tomato, bell peppers, and spinach. YUM.

Cherries- Emma went to the farmers market and got two pounds of cherries and ate the all in one sitting. They are in season now so pick up these sweet little gems to snack on, we have been addicted.

Hummus- I feel like we always put hummus on the list but whatever. You can make it yourself in a food processor with garbanzo beans, juice from one lemon, two teaspoons of tahini, salt, pepper. Eat it plain like that or add in red pepper, garlic, beets, curry powder, & whatever else your beautiful little brain comes up with to make the most delicious tasting hummus that your carrot or pita chip will ever dip into.

Nice Cream- Could eat this every single day for breakfast. Basically its a bowl of a thick frozen fruit smoothie topped with granola, nuts, and your choice of fruit. Emma did a more in depth video of how to make it on her channel. 

Edamame- They sell bags of already shelled frozen edamame at Trader Joe’s. Emma loves mixing with rice & soy sauce for a quick snack, or you can make an edamame salad with tomatoes & balsamic vinegar. Also could be yummy in a burrito or wrap. Perfect protein for Vegans!

Rosemary Potatoes- Sunday brunches are honestly incomplete without a big mound of crispy potato wedges.

Mac & Cheeseish- One night while randomly combining ingredients, we discovered that if you combine canned pumpkin, a little bit of vegetable broth, 1/4 cup of brown sugar, salt and pepper, and garlic powder as a sauce, then mix in pasta and sprinkle some nutritional yeast on top… it kinda tastes like Mac & Cheese. Probably better than Mac & Cheese.



Denik Journals We stocked up on these journals for the summer. So many cute covers & perfect size to slip in your summer bag. Not only are the journals amazing but the company helps sponsor artists & believes that “art has a unique way of bringing people together, and our goal is to use that unity to help out those who are lacking the basic services and rights that we take for granted.  Denik provides a channel for artists of all skill levels to make an impact in the world we live in. We believe that the art of a designer from Colorado, a photographer, a skateboarder or a professional artist in Brazil can be printed on one of our books and be used to change the world.” Rad. We are in.

Headspace App– If you want to start meditating (and you should) and don’t know where to start, this is the place to start.

Moonlight Nails- Now that we are wearing super bright clothes, bikinis, and jewelry for summer, we are contrasting with pale nails. Silvers, light blues, opalescent hues to remind yourself of the moon while you lay out in the sun.

Lush Solid Perfumes- After putting on all your sunscreen & coconut oil, a creamy perfume is the last step. Lush sells several different solid perfumes in cute little tins that look like lip balms and can be thrown in your summer bag. We have been loving the Sun scent.

Coconut oil- Basically the only product you need to buy because it works on everything. Put it in your hair as a leave in conditioner, rub it on your skin as lotion, put on scabs, good for cuticles, use for oil pulling, makeup remover, helps with ingrown hairs, and sunburns. For a perfect wax, slather a layer of coconut oil on your skin a every day the week before your appointment. Good for cooking. Really it can be used for everything.



Maps- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

One Day- Matisyahu

Same Love- Macklemore

Close to me- The cure

Nasty- Janet Jackson

Barbara Ann- Beach Boys

Me Myself & I- Beyonce

Let’s Hear it for the Boy- Deniece Williams

Ride with me- Nelly

Dancing on my Own- Robyn

Please Mr Postman- Marvelettes

*Most of these tracks have been reblogged to our Soundcloud


  1. I love you two to pieces and can you include your nail polish faves of the month like specific colors? love from new york🌏💙🐠

  2. I’m vegan too. I’ve been vegan for my entire life, actually. It’s nice to find other teens that are vegan as well.

  3. I’m vegetarian with hopes of transitioning to vegan sometime soon! I feel like it’s hard to be vegan at college…Emma should make a post about it!

  4. tkrujowski says

    I love you two spirits and hope to one day meet. I seem to always be mesmorized with your fashion and what you can pull off and how good yall always look((:

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