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Sunflowers & Sparklers

“EVERYONE SHARED drinks and stories. We were all one under the marine layer of fog. It was love. Thats all I can say, everywhere you looked, hugs, laughter, smiles, sunflowers, kissing, energy..”

Photos & Video by Emma

Story by India

I woke up to the grey, misty light passing through the floral curtain dividing the garden from Aisling’s room. I stretched out my arms and watched the shadows grow as my arms went higher. I jumped in the shower and scrubbed my skin with cheap soap and coffee grounds. With two big cups of ice water in either hand, I walked back to the room I woke Emma and Aisling up. I switched on Lana Del Rey so they could wake peacefully, both of them are not morning people. They finally showered as I soaked my skin in coconut oil and sang “like an American” under the windows. We all dressed in red, white, and blue, and danced to “too high”. Before heading to Colin’s.

Aisling’s brother drove us down the coast and dropped us at Avocado street. We hopped out and skipped down the pavement until we heard all of our rambunctious friends singing at the top of their lungs and yelling “HAPPY 4TH” to passerbys. We stayed at Colin’s for 3 hours. I never wanted it to end. We all danced as the boys played rage cage and BP. We laughed until our voices cracked and danced until our feet almost fell off. We gave our cheers to independence day and slammed our PBR’s together and smiled. After the boys played round after round, after Dever and Blake jumped on the back of a truck with the King and Queen of Neptune, after dancing in front of the giant American flag, Emma left with Chloe and Sofia to peace pies and I went back with Aisling to her house to nap.

I woke up 3 hours later to 6 girls jumping and screaming Stromae on the bed. We all changed & headed back out, now to Ela’s, who’s cute little beachy villa is right next to Stone Steps. It was lit with golden light strung from the front gate to the top of her house. Everyone was smiling and hugging everyone . Emma passed out sunflowers in Tiare’s memory. You should have seen the smiles on people’s faces, it was beyond incredible. Everyone shared drinks and stories. We were all one under the marine layer of fog. It was love. Thats all I can say, everywhere you looked, hugs, laughter, smiles, sunflowers, kissing, just energy.

My group of friends made their way down to Stone Steps, where the waves break fast and hard. We were all craving the water. We paired off and held hands, walking down the 8 flights of stairs. Once we got to the bottom, everyone’s top priority was throwing all their clothes in the sand. We all stood in a circle until I just gave in. I screamed “GO” and ran my naked self right into the black rolling waves. We all cackled and jumped on top of each other and dove under the unknown waters. One by one, we made it back to the shore, and grabbed our clothes and trudged up the stairs. Once we got to the top, everyone drenched and covered in sand, I pulled my jeans over my sandy feet and my teeshirt over my head. Ethan, Em and I started quoting Lords of Dogtown. Everyone looked worn and tired, like they had been humbled by the waves and done with the night.

Dever called Emma and I an Uber and we were backseat drivers the whole way. Dever was cracking jokes and Emma and I were laughing uncontrollably. We pulled up to Aisling;’s and snuck through the tall wooden gate. I looked through her bamboo shades and saw her and Colin fast asleep. Quietly, we creeped into her dark room and piled into her billowy bed. We giggled and shifted until we all found our perfect spots. 5 of us in a little bed, we were a family and that is what this whole thing is abut. My friends are my family.


Aisling driving her Volkswagen and probably listening to Drake.DSC02740

Passing by fresh fruit in the morning, feet always up on the dash.




India dipping back into the house for more nectarines.


Sofia is so rad.


Chloe brought a big bag of hummus, salsa, blueberries, dates, and strawberries.DSC02765Butterfly vibes.


Anne Marie, Sofia, Chloe, and Aisling sitting on the steps.


Colin & Aisling


Hey Colin, can we have a nectarine? *takes five*


Beach break


Emma was driving to Peace Pies, Sofia was in the back rolling around and singing Elvis.


Ela’s beach houseDSC02833

Everyone was dancing, posing with, and sniffing the sunflowers.


Ending the night by skinny dipping at stone steps, caught Anne Marie & India in this moment of bliss after re-emerging from the ocean. 

stay messy


  1. Anonymous says

    where are chloe and aislings bathing suits from? if you happen to know… i absolutely adore them!


  2. Grace says

    your lives seem so carefree and incredible. You two have beautiful souls and give off great vibes .

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