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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

YOU EVER had something happen in your life and you are like, oh my gosh, this is it, this is the answer to all of my problems! And then you run around screaming wildly, like you are Archimedes running naked out of his bath, golden crown tucked under his arm.

Our version of the golden crown is almost better, we think. It makes you , happier, healthier, gives you better skin, a rockin’ bod & loads more benefits that you can count than you have fingers.


Don’t click away yet! We know it’s a scary word, because what the heck. I love milkshakes and hamburgers and mac n cheese and cookies and ice cream and pizza wow what will I ever eat? How will I survive? Will I just dry up into sparkly dust and blow away with the south winds? Uh, no.

There TONS of reasons to go vegan like environmental, health, & morals. We have done our research on those but we think you should hear directly from the source so we put tons of links for you guys to click on at the very bottom of this post. We are just going to talk about our own personal benefits because that is something we can speak about with 100% accuracy. 

Please proceed with an open mind


ACCOMPLISH GOALS- It helps us reach major life goals, one meal at a time. We care about the environment, we care about animals, we care about our health. Compassion. Those are all things we believe in and want to promote so why not live it? 

GUILT FREE- We go to bed at night knowing we didn’t participate in a sentient beings death, or a baby cow being taken from their mom. As a kid, you love and care for animals, and have to be taught which to eat, which to wear, and which to pet. I (Emma) always had a guilt with eating animals. I remember being little and cutting into a chicken breast and finding a vein then looking at the veins in my arm and the veins on my dog and thinking, “what is the difference?” So I made the connection at a young age but just pushed it aside because society says you should eat meat but I felt overwhelming guilt. It got to the point where I could only have meat if it was ground like in a beef patty or bolognese or meatball, or a hotdog/sausage form so I couldn’t recognize the being that I was eating and just think of it as food and not an animal. But the truth is it’s impossible to disconnect the meat from the animal. Now I don’t have to deal with that guilt and me trying to push aside those thoughts. 

LESS ANXIETY- Animals you eat are put in the most stressful situation imaginable. On some level I think when you eat the animal there’s no way that you don’t consume the stress & fear and anxiety it felt before it was killed.

RADIANT SKIN- Humans are not made to consume milk past the age of what, 1? Much less the milk of another species so it totally fucks up your system, especially your skin. Plus all the cholesterol from meat too. Emma was on pretty harsh skin medication before changing her diet, and now she uses nothing and her skin is the best it has ever looked. 

LEANER- No more calorie restriction or silly fad diets that leave you miserable and without energy. With veganism you get to eat until you are full & you don’t have to restrict your calories. If you have a problem with weight fluctuation, it is easy to return to the weight you are supposed to be at on a vegan diet.

COMMUNITY- The vegan community is so supportive and so inspired and so compassionate. It’s so amazing to be able to make friends through this lifestyle. 

ENERGY– We love coffee as much as the next blogger, but now its a treat instead of depending on it to roll out of bed. Everything you put into your body is alive, living, to help you be your most vibrant, lively self. Fruit is the fastest converter into energy for your body, so you can surf, dance, run, and jump in the sun all day long. 

MORE ADVENTUROUS WITH FOOD- If you had told me a year ago that I would try, and LIKE tofu, I would have laughed so hard. But it is so weird how your tastes change after a few weeks. A nectarine now tastes like the sweetest candy imaginable. Every vegetable is delectable. I am always down to try new flavors, new dishes, and experiment with what I eat. There are so many different cuisines to try that are vegan. Indian, Mediterranean, Ethiopian, Mexican, Asian, Spanish, Persian, & more. Take your tastebuds on a trip. 

INSPIRING- With the global crisis that we are in with shortage of resources, a vegan saves so much land and water. By learning about this lifestyle, even if you can’t be a full vegan, you can be there to educate others, and push our world towards a more sustainable future.

stay messy

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India eating vegan pizza on the beach

Links to watch

Best Speech you will ever hear- Gary covers a lot of aspects about veganism in a very short time. this is basically a crash course about ethics, philosophy, & what it means to eat vegan and how you adjust your lifestyle.

Cowspiracy– Honestly changed my perspective forever, I think it is a must watch for everyone. This deals with environmentalism & was not intended to be a vegan documentary but it talks about our overuse of animal agriculture & I was so shocked at the numbers.

101 Reasons to go Vegan– This is a really good & interesting youtube video that covers the basics of veganism & theory behind it.

Earthlings I wasn’t able to make it through this one.. Just shows the treatment of animals in factory farms & presents the ethical side of veganism.

Forks Over Knives– Covers food from a nutritional standpoint. 60% of diseases, cancer

Is Eating Animals A Personal Choice?– If you’ve ever said “I respect your choice to be vegan, so you should respect my choice to eat meat,” please watch this video. Is eating meat, dairy and eggs a choice? and should it be equally respected as the choice to be vegan? Is it your right to eat animals?


stay messy


  1. Denise says

    Love this ! So glad you guys are posting vegan blogs. Can you please blog some recipes or how to start a vegan lifestyle? After i read this im positive i wanna go vegan !! yay

  2. Hey ladies:) first off , I so enjoy keeping up with you two and you traveling gypsy adventure free-spirited happenings. After I put my son to bed each night and finally crawl in myself, I can’t wait to hop on and see if there are any new posts, pictures, videos —-shreds of your joy filled lives! Now regarding why I am messaging….. I have eaten only raw fruits and veggies for going on 2 1/2 months now. I used to love cooking. Now as a single mom to a very busy and excitedly dangerous 8 month old boy, Maverick Ezekiel Jack, I have zero time for long in depth recipes of any kind. I usually have half an hour to be able to toss something together for myself. I am BORED with raw veggies and fruits. Do you ladies have any delish, SIMPLE, NON-expensive recipes or ideas for meals for me? I even prepare food on Sunday’s when I’m able to for the week…. I am new to this whole vegetarian CLEAN EATING only lifestyle. I probably won’t hear a thing from tall but thought I’d give it a try! 😉 be blessed, bless others and I’ll stay messy😉

    • Anonymous says

      Try pre-cooked meals from Trader Joes!! They have awesome Pad Thai that you heat up in a skilled, and I think it’s vegan!

    • try checking out Angeline Draper on youtube. she is a raw vegan (mostly) and her what I eat in a day videos are great! she comes up with some great recipes, like raw pasta! also, check out the messy heads vegan starter pack, it’s 3 simple, very versatile recipe ideas that can easily be raw!

  3. I would really like to see a post about being vegan on a budget since I’m going to college I want to know if it will be easy for me to transition from vegetarian to vegan money wise!

  4. Anonymous says

    definitely going vegan soon! could you make a post about starting a vegan life style? love you both 🙂

  5. Anonymous says

    Wow! I watched a few of of the videos you suggested and I think about my food differently! I am definitely becoming a vegan despite what my family thinks (they all love meat). You’re positive posts motivate me to become a better person! I love you guys! Thank you for this.

  6. Amanda says

    ahhh this is so well written! I’ve been a vegetarian for a while now but I definitely won’t stay one because veganism is the best path for me. You guys are such a glorious light, lots of love xoxo

  7. Emilia says

    I believe lack of knowledge is the only reason people is still eating meat, egg, diary and fish. I was not raised a vegan, it was the internet and some of the documentaries you guys recommended that changed my perspective entirely. Going vegan is not admirable, not disgusting and not dangerous, it’s simply the least we can do.

  8. I went vegan about 2 weeks ago and it was the best decision of my life.. and i have a huge sweet tooth and thought it was going to be hard to eat sweets, but they make so many yummy vegan treats that are actually better and softer than non vegan treats!

  9. Anonymous says

    I screamed when i saw u guys are vegan!! I love u guys, i think u are so awesome but when i find out that people are vegan my love grows tenfold! seriously its sooooo refreshing to see people make the connection. Love u guys and keep up the awesome content! x

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