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Messy x Mowgli

THE RECIPE  for Mowgli Surf would probably go something like this: Mix together Misirlou by Dick Dale, seven of your favorite fluorescent colors, a few swatches of 70s surf fabric, surfboard wax, and a hot day in July. Bake until golden brown.

We had a ton of fun cooking up this shoot with Mowgli, and hope you guys enjoy it as well!

IMG_2080 IMG_2084 IMG_2106 IMG_2187 IMG_2218 IMG_2228 IMG_2281 IMG_2315 IMG_2330 IMG_2341 IMG_2350 IMG_2417 IMG_2421 IMG_2426 IMG_2449 IMG_2453  IMG_2496 IMG_2511

Rainbow One Piece
Orange & Purple One Piece
Yellow Graphic Tee
Orange Striped Tee
India’s Bikini
Emma’s Bikini
Patches on the shorts & shoes

stay messy

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