Amazing Moments: A Collection

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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

I HAVE probably journaled in every way possible. On my phone notes, on an app, in multiple journals, on napkins at restaurants, on my hands and wrists, and scribbled over books or magazines. Whatever surface or medium I find becomes a place to harbor my fleeting thoughts. I found that through daily journaling, some days I would have nothing to write while others were overflowing. So here we go again, with another method to try to sort out the madness.

Moment journaling. I bring my journal with me everywhere and jot down when I experience an amazing moment. And by amazing I mean, unique, highly emotional, unforgettable, or just small details I never want to forget. Just two weeks have gone by in Solana beach, but they are chock full of special moments.

IMG_9130India and I sitting outside of Lockwood sipping on lavender bubbly & coffee. It suddenly starts to drizzle and thunder. We wrap ourselves in fuzzy blue blankets and continue reading our magazines as everybody else packs up their things and and heads out to their cars or back inside. We sit and listen to the thunder, smiling. The owner comes outside, claiming we were the only smart ones here, throwing her hands in the hair and talking about the amazing energy. Then we ran back to the house soaking wet screaming the words to “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix.

Picking up a huge vegan pizza from Pizza port and taking it to the beach, sitting cross legged in the sand watching the sunset and admiring all of the colors across the sky.

Driving back from Encinitas. Aisling in the front seat with her white head scarf on, and India in shotgun with her blue headscarf on and a hand out the window, both lightly singing along with Kanye.

Running down to Pizza port barefoot while Chloe is working and hollering outside the window to get her attention like a couple of kooks.

Handing out sunflowers on the Fourth of July and seeing everybody’s face light up as they posed with them for photos, danced with them, and sniffed them.

IMG_9134Leaving the party on the fourth to go skinny dipping at Stone Steps. Complete darkness, and all intuition with when to dive under the waves and when to float over. Throwing the sunflower we kept out into the waves.

Dever getting in the uber and first thing he says is “do you have an aux chord?”

Chloe, India, Aisling, and I swimming out past the breaks at Grandview and taking our tops off, only to have an older lifeguard paddle out to tell us we were out to far. Frantically trying to put our tops back on while dying laughing and choking on salt water.

India and I chilling at Aisling’s house while she was out at a friend’s house. Just listening to music when suddenly we notice a bug on the floor. I calmly try to pick it up to put it outside and then it starts flying. We grab whatever is closest to us to try to fend it off, India reaches for a pastel parasol and I grab the Virgin Mary candle. India furiously opens and closes the umbrella to attempt to blow the bug outside and I eventually trap it under the candle. We look at each other and what we are doing and start dying laughing.

Sleepover at Aisling’s with Colin, Aisling, India and I all squeezed into one tiny full bed.

Me and Aisling sitting on the E street lookout passionately ranting about feminism when Dever yells from the truck “YOU ALWAYS TALK ABOUT GENDER ROLES AND FEMINISM”

IMG_0398India and I lying dead asleep in the back of Colin’s truck.

India and I homeless for the day, waiting for Aisling to get out of work at 10 pm. We have our backpack stuffed with things, and we stop at Lotus and dump everything out on the table, butterfly stickers, journals, books, magazines, scarves, and shoes.

India showed me a page that Suede journaled on writing all of her crushes, and number 3 was hobo. I die laughing and accidentally spit my pitatya smoothie everywhere.

Waking up to “Too High” blaring on Aisling’s speakers.

Sitting over the E street lookout in silence just journaling.

After living at Aisling’s house for a week, we finally went back home, missed her too much, and had her sleep back over at our house.

Rapping the entirety of Colt 45, Dever and Aisling in the backseat dying laughing.

Swimming with the surfers at Grandview, diving under the waves and looking up at them surfing over me.

IMG_0394Rocky, India, Haley and I are are all cuddled up in the same bed at 2 am and Rocky launches into a speech about how cool we all are, how we all have good energy, and how he is so happy to have met each of us. India rolls over, half asleep, and says “wut.”

At thai food with Sofia, India, Rocky & Haley, so exhausted and hungry. India randomly starts to bob her head, and everyone else follows suit for no reason at all. We are so delirious and imagine a scenario where we continue our circle head movements, raise our arms above our heads, and start levitating above the table.

India, Haley, Rocky & I sitting at dinner. A woman in all white comes up to us and says how our energy was infectious and she started laughing from across the room because of how hard we were all laughing. We proceeded to talk to her for three hours about kundalini yoga, energy, money, paths in life, focus on inner self, and relationships.

Shooting with Katy from Local Wolves, such good energy, and her shrieking “YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE” every 10 seconds. We stopped for tacos and India and I had hashbrown tacos for the first time.

Layla with a fever clutching the quartz pennant India gave her to make her feel better.

Many more to come.

The little moments in life are the most important ones.

Stay Messy

Film photos by our friend Chloe // her instagram



  1. Julia says

    Beyond love this! You guys bring nothing but smiles to my face. Never change 🙂 xo

  2. Anonymous says

    You guys have inspired me to become a better person and enjoy the amazing life I am blessed with. I just wanted to thank you both for sharing your lives with all of us. I am so thankful to have been shown your blog:) thanks again!

  3. Your blog posts always ALWAYS puts me in a better mood and I can’t thank you guys enough for sharing your personal experiences and stories with the world 🙂 It’s also so refreshing to see summer photos as right now its winter here in Australia and its absolutely freezing.

    Ps, you guys must visit Australia (preferably sydney where I’m from hehe) because we have lovely beaches brimming with cute cafes, vintage stores and friendly faces 🙂

  4. Hayley says

    i love you guys so much! you embody everything that i stand for (-:

  5. Nicky says

    Beautiful writing, the way you LIVE is amazing. Emma, would you make a video on how to wear headscarfs and show the ones you have? plz plz plzzzz
    love you both.

  6. Sophie says

    I would love to meet you guys and feel your energy 🙂 ! When I read your posts I immediately feel better and so much happier. Love you ! Greetings from Poland:) xo

  7. Anonymous says

    this whole post just makes me so happy :-)))
    Keep living life to the fullest you little cuties

  8. I am obsessed with yalls energy! yall inspire my friends and i to not give a shit and do what makes us happy! This list of moments and how yall live made me so happy!!
    keep being yall, its pretty amazing.

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