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Film Diary & Rainy Day Playlist

ALARM SET for 5:00 am. Not kidding you. Today we were planning on getting up to watch the sunrise and wander over to Lofty coffee early in the morning. Maybe dip in the ocean while the world was still sleepy. There is something amazing and crazy about getting up at such an early hour. Delusional, eyes not fully open, and big sweatshirts and big smiles.

But the weather had different ideas for us today. We woke up instead to so much rain and thunder that we had to close our sliding glass door. Bangs, cracks, and energy shaking our small room. Today was going to be an in bed all day type of day.

So here we are, cuddled up with pumpkin lattes and thai food beneath our yellow bed spread. Watching horror flicks and squeezing each other’s hands when the idiot teenager sneaks into the killer’s house. Flipping through some film photos we got around to developing and listening to music that syncs up with the pitter patter of the rain drops.

Come & join us

Photos from our first roll of developed film. 

2015-07-14 21.47.14 2015-07-14 21.47.16 2015-07-14 21.47.18 2015-07-14 21.47.20 2015-07-14 21.47.27 2015-07-14 21.47.29 2015-07-14 21.47.33 2015-07-14 21.47.38 2015-07-14 21.47.40 2015-07-14 21.47.42 2015-07-14 21.47.45 2015-07-14 21.47.47 2015-07-14 21.47.51 2015-07-14 21.47.53 2015-07-14 21.47.56 2015-07-14 21.47.57 2015-07-14 21.47.59 2015-07-14 21.48.01 2015-07-14 21.48.03 2015-07-14 21.48.06 2015-07-14 21.48.08 2015-07-14 21.48.10 2015-07-14 21.48.12 2015-07-14 21.48.14 2015-07-14 21.48.17 2015-07-14 21.48.19  2015-07-14 21.48.26 2015-07-14 21.48.28

stay messy


  1. imani says

    you both are incredibly beautiful! both inside and out . but school is coming up and I was wondering if you guys could post a blog about your favorite stores and types of styles!? and I look forward to buying your tshirt! love being part of the messy head family!


  2. Saida says

    Sounds so perfect i wish i really could join you! And love the photographs, about to go get my roll of film developped too :)) xx


  3. Whoa… Love. Are these photos simply from a disposable camera found at your local drugstore? They look exceptionally sharp and beautiful. xoxo


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