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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

NEW VIBES during the month of July. The sun was out all month long, rising at 6:30 and setting at 8:30. The fog and gloom of June blew over right before the start of July, and that left us an entire month of new ideas, music, friends, tan lines, and favorite things.



Caitlyn Jenner’s Acceptance Speech– In her speech, Jenner speaks on behalf of the entire trans community, talking about their adversity and uses herself as a platform to get the message across. The speech was scripted, professional, and eye opening to many, but to get the full story head to her blog and read what was going through her head as she stood up on stage.

Scary Movies- We had a few rainy days this July where we stayed in bed, ordered in Thai food, and binge watched all the classic Horror Flicks. We sat there with our scarves around our heads, pulling them up over our eyes and screaming. On our list:  Hills Have Eyes, The Grudge, Disturbia, Insidious, and The Shining.

IMG_9709-1 copy


You’re A Badass- This was featured in a previous monthly favorites, but we just need to reiterate how important it is to pick this book up. Emma re-read it again this month, and this is the type of book you can read over and over and learn something new. Oh, and remember to love yourself.

Second Hand Books- There is a little secondhand book store a few blocks from us, and we love to pop in and see what random paperback we can pick up for two bucks. Books from the 70s recounting alien abductions. Astrology, religion, spirituality, and travel are the shelves that we head to.

Menus- Whenever we go out to eat, India always grabs a paper copy of the menu and stuffs it in her bag to recreate later. (If you don’t know what vegan meals to eat, head to a vegan restaurant and snatch a menu from them)



One Pieces- You have enough bikinis in your collection. A one piece is super sexy with a completely open back. We have two one pieces from American Apparel that we love because of the retro fit that flatters your body so much. We currently love their plain white one piece to make you look super tan, Wear with bright sunnies, a colorful scarf, and cut offs.

Anklets- We walk around the streets barefoot everyday or hang our feet out the window. Since we went without shoes this month, we added bright toenail polish and anklets. Check out this gorgeous and simple one. 

Crystal Key Chain The three basic crystals to keep close to you are amethyst, rose quartz, and citrine. A way to keep those calming vibes by your side all day is to have it as a keychain, where you are sure to be holding it a few times a day.

Hoop Earrings- Invest in a pair of sterling silver or gold plated, simple wire hoops that you never take out, even if you go in the ocean. Instead of the typical circle shape though, go for either these tear drop ones or these geometric ones.

The Same T-shirt- We both get in this weird rhythm where we find a shirt that we love, and even if we toss it in the dirty clothes pile, we go back to it the next day, shamlessly wearing the same comfy tee four or five days in a row. Check out our new “70s Babe Tee” and wear it til it reeks.

Soft Headbands- Emma is never without a headband.. whether it is on her wrist, doubled up and used as a scrunchie, or to just manage messy hair, this is the one she always wears.

Colored Lens Sunglasses- Fun frames are easy to find, but glasses with a colored lens are rare and rad. Peep through blue, gold, green, and rose tinted glasses.

Rip-Your-Own Levis- Buy a pair of jeans without holes in them, wear them long enough and they will authentically rip. Emma was climbing off of a roof and tore a hole in the back, India bombed a hill on her board and scuffed up the knee, and constant wear and tear leaves them frayed, lived in, loved, and cooler than any pair of jeans you paid a company to rip themselves. Get Levi 501s for the best result, and if you don’t have a good thrift supplier in your area, then these ones are pretty perfect. 



Lavender Lattes- We are always out writing or reading or laughing at some coffee place, and if you are lucky enough to have a place by you that sells lavender lattes, then jump on that.

El Nopalito Salsa- Thanks to all of our Encinitas friends for getting us absolutely addicted to the Roasted one. We can never go with out our El Nops.

Mozys- A small place in Encinitas that we eat at pretty much every single day. India’s go-to is a burrito filled with beans, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, grilled plaintains, sprouts, tahini, and drizzled with hot sauce. Emma has never decided on a favorite and gets anything from an acai bowl to a garbanzo bean burger… and you can’t forget their vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Peanut Sauce- We don’t know what exactly ignited such a strong, sudden passion for peanut sauce. Maybe it was Mozy’s, maybe it was the spring rolls at Whole Foods, but we are now scanning every menu for a side of it.

Plantains- Best grilled in coconut oil. Pairs so well with black beans and salsa. Our friends over at Mozy’s fry them and put them in India’s favorite burrito!

Pressed Watermelon Juice- Essence of summer in a bottle.

Rice Dream Ice Cream– Late night ice cream runs, we usually grab a tub of cookie dough So Delicious ice cream, but on one fateful night in the aisles of Whole Foods, we instead spontaneously went for these life changing ice cream sandwiches dipped in chocolate. It’s really not hard to be vegan.

Grapefruit- For a quick snack we always quarter up grapefruit and eat the rind clean.

Avocado- Thanks Chloe for getting us to eat avocado for practically every meal. You haven’t lived until you dip a chip directly into an avocado with just a touch of garlic salt on it. “How about a mount of garlic powder!!!” India said while editing this.

Hummus- Current go-to snack is hummus with sliced up bell peppers dunked into them.



Mustard Color– If you haven’t noticed, our color of the summer is mustard. It started out with India buying a few tops from urban and Free People, and grew from there. We now have 8 shirts in this incredible 70’s hue and cannot contain ourselves when we see it.

Pink/Lavender nails– We paint our nails every other day here, the sand chips it away so quickly. Our favorite nail laquers have been Play Date by Essie and My Better Half by Essie. Play Date gives a pop of lavender and My Better Half is a playful iridescent lilac, perfect for our tan skin!

Rich Roll App- Emma listens to this on every run in the morning. Podcast interviewing a different inspiring person every week, anyone from a vegan NFL Football player, to Fully Raw Kristina, to Casey Neistat. Rich Roll produces great content and always creates interesting conversation that feels authentic. After you finish listening, you feel light, connected, and inspired.

Sunset skates- On any free night we have, we grab out boards and head out on the concrete. Bombing hills, swerving, falling, laughing.

Visiting friends on their lunch breaks- We know a lot of people who work shifts at restaurants, so we run over when they have their thirty minute break and sit with them. When they get off they always tell us that seeing us was the best part of their day, and we usually get to split some free food with them.

Lookouts– Sitting on the edge of the bluff, watching the waves roll in, and writing down every thought that comes to us. Honestly…What could be better?

Film Photos– The graininess, the raw moment, the out of focus blur, and the memory of you trying to catch the perfect shot, because you only have one chance. When we go to pick up our film, it’s such a mystery because we forget what great moments we captured. Film to me is like hand held memories.

Driving with the aux blasting– In Aislings car, sitting in the back of an Uber, bumping through our sound system, or through Chloe’s rattling speakers playing the music you feel in the moment is one of our favorite things to do!

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Echo Point- Royal Shore

Rick’s Sexy Beach Party- Royal Shore

Dazed- Royal Shore

Deadbeat Summer- Neon Indian

Say It Ain’t So- Weezer

I Just Want To Make Love To You- Foghat

For Emma- Bon Iver

Hoochie Mama- 2 Live Crew

Gangsta Gangsta- N.W.A

Coffee- Miguel

*Most of these tracks have been reblogged to our Soundcloud


  1. I love your blog and it inspires me on so many ways! Makes me want to go there and just be. I suggest you read the book ‘The Power of Now’ i am sure you’re going to love it!
    Keep inspiring xx

  2. Anonymous says

    you should listen to the jungle giants i recommend you’ve got something and come and be alone with me

  3. Anonymous says

    Have you ever tried Bach’s flower remedies? I just started using them and I thought you might enjoy them too.

  4. Catherine says

    Im so disappointed I missed my chance to get your t shirt, will they ever come back in stock?:(

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