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Five Ways to Harness Crystal Energy

LIFE CAN feel pretty hectic and unbalanced and most of us aren’t sure how to remedy the external stress we endure regularly. Incorporating the usage of crystals into your life can actually make a huge difference! Since crystals are energetic, they emit different healing vibrations and properties targeting specific needs. Below, Crystal Cactus has listed their top 5 best tips on how to use crystals to your benefit in your daily life!

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Make a crystal grid. There is no wrong way to do this and you may use any selection of crystals to construct it. Place your crystals in any shape or arrangement (for example- circle, diamond, square, mandala form, whatever feels right to you!) and give it an intention of some kind. It could be any intention such as love, clarity, inspiration, creativity, abundance, etc. Whatever you need, you ask your crystals to help bring to you and that’s it! From that point, you just let the crystals do their work.

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Use them in the bath. Placing a few crystals in your bath is a great way to either infuse or cleanse your body of whatever it needs or needs to get rid of. You can use crystals in the bath for protection, re-balancing yourself, or relaxation to name a few. Manifest what you’d like to welcome into your life and if you need to clear any negative emotions, imagine them leaving you as the water goes down the drain around you. This is especially perfect to do on full moons or new moons in a positive, ritualistic way!

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When you need to feel grounded. Life has a tendency to throw us off track occasionally, so we could all use a little re-connecting every now and again. Great crystals for grounding are black tourmaline, hematite, and black obsidian. You can place these literally anywhere- your pocket, car, plane, purse or backpack, as they make for great travel companions. They will assist you in keeping negative vibrations away, allowing you to go about your day unaffected and with a clear mind.

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For a calming vibration. Keeping amethyst, rose quartz, or jade nearby is extremely beneficial when you feel like you need a moment of peace and calming energy. You can hold them in your hands and meditate with them or place them under your pillow for deep, blissful, uninterrupted sleep. These are also great crystals to have on you when going for an important job interview as they will keep you calm and collected!

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Communicating with higher realms. If you’re looking to go a little bit deeper and connect with your angels, guides, or your soul, we recommend using angelite, selenite, spirit quartz, or tv stone. Find a quiet place in your home or wherever you are most comfortable and lay on the ground, placing one of these crystals on your forehead or solar plexus and see what comes to you!

Thank you to the babes from Crystal Cactus for all of this information, check out their website for everything from simple pennants and raw stones to jewelry, candles, and bath salts.

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