How To Be A Broke Bitch

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WHETHER YOU are living paycheck to paycheck, putting away 80% of your funds for school, or are just in-between jobs, or can’t even work yet, we have ways to be broke and be happy about it.

Every time you get change back from a restaurant, put it in your journal so when you open it up at your next coffee stop, a few crumpled ones will fall out and you can get the double shot of espresso that you so deserve.

Leave your wallet in your car when you go shopping so that if you really, honestly need it and it’s worth it, you will go back to get it. So many things are impulse buys, draining dollars away.

Always share your food with friends, give them leftovers, stuff from your house that you don’t want. They will share theirs with you and spot you on meals when you want to go hang out with the group but are low on funds.

Walk and bike everywhere. No gas and you get a firm ass.IMG_9875

Always offer to pay for someone, or help them pay, because it will always come back around to you when you need it. Think of it as investing for your broke future. Also think of it as being a nice person.

If you want to go out to eat for the social aspect, eat before you go to fill you up and then you can feel satisfied on a drink or appetizer or side. You can still sit and enjoy the funky disco music and forks clanging on plates.

Let people know that you are broke. Wear a raggedy ass t-shirt as many days in a row as you can.

Be like your mom and carry granola bars or fruit or an entire jar of peanut butter in your purse when you leave. When your inner 2 year old starts whining about being hungry, take your index finger and dive into the pb jar.IMG_9874

Plan events that cost nothing, hikes, game nights, beach days, park picnics, soccer tournaments, movie marathons, card games, home spa nights.

Make friends who work at pizza places. Make friends who work at restaurants. Go sit on their break with them. They get company and you get free food.

Minimize your makeup. During summer all you need is coconut oil, trust us.

Carpool all the time. Everyone pitches in for gas, plus you have back up vocals for when your song comes on.

ALWAYS thrift. Give new life to clothing. You never know what you will find.

thriftedShop your friends closets. Offer to trade something that you don’t wear that often for something of theirs. Usually when you see a friend rock that item of clothing, it will make you want to wear it again too.

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  1. Kayleigh says

    This is really helpful! Definitely going to be using some, if not all, of these. Keep inspiring guys!

  2. Lauren says

    I really needed this post, it could not have came for a better time for me. Awesome job ladies!

  3. imani says

    i love this post haha! It makes so much sense , especially as a teen who soon to be getting her drivers license and being on her own rode. I love going on adventures but money can be tight so reading this post helps a lot ! love you both!!

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