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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

Rad babe Fiona rocked her Stay Messy tee with a denim skirt, which became one of the favorites to wear this August. 

THIS FINAL month of summer fades from yellows to oranges. It’s the last breath of summer and in some ways the first breath of fall. Out on late on hot nights making the most of the precious few moments of freedom, and middays spent planning for the possibilities of the future.


Project Runway- Been watching this one for seasons and seasons. Each time brings a new group of talented designers. On some episodes they manage to make couture garments out of objects found in card stores, or pet stores, or hardware stores. The sheer creative energy emanating from your screen will make you want to get up and attempt to remake some of your own clothes.

Sense8- A series that you HAVE to check out on Netflix. Features diverse cast members, each one is from a different city all around the globe, and they are all interconnected. The whole series will have you dying to find out what happens next. Message us who your favorite character of the 8 is on our tumblr!

Nike Sweatshops If you are already thinking about where your food is coming from, you should also start thinking about where your clothes are coming from. This documentary shows you what is behind, unfortunately, a lot of big corporations. Open your eyes to the truth of what you are putting your money to in all regards, realize the problem, and realize that you have power to stop it.

Lana Del Rey music videos- Her earliest videos have such a home movie appeal to them, with little moments that seem so special when highlighted for the few seconds they flit in front of your eyes. So raw and real. Check out Video Games & National Anthem.

41NJ0hoVMLL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_How to be Parisian Wherever You Are- This book perfectly captures moments and feelings we can’t explain. It touches on style, nudity, gossiping, selfishness, relishing in being alone, embarrassing moments and chic moments. Best read in a big fluffy sweater looking out of a big window at the leaves changing colors.

Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives: Three quarters of the book is spent recounting incredible studies of children who can accurately remember past lives, even some who were able to be traced back to real people who lived before them. As the book goes on, your jaw drops further and further. In the last quarter of the book, the author goes on to explain his theory as to why he thinks consciousness can overlap lifetimes.

Electric Koolaid Acid Test- Read this twice and still can’t believe it is nonfiction. It takes place in the late sixties, a journalist following a group of psychedelic hippies tripping on acid and traveling in buses covered in posters and paint. The way the author assesses each scene, describes each person and their hair, actions and what they are wearing, practically transports you back in time to experience this chaotic scene of love, drugs, worship, and music.


Boy Briefs- There is something so cozy about lounging around in boy briefs and a loose top in the mornings. You can pretend they belonged to an ex lover. Hike them up a bit, throw on some jeans and show off the elastic band of your boy briefs, even edgier. Check out these ones from American Apparel.

Straw Hats- Everyone moves into fall with a wool hat, so switch it up with a straw hat in darker colors, like this one.

Ear Cuffs- Add more earrings without more piercings. This one is really special. 

Clip on Earrings- Next time you pop into a vintage or thrift store, look for some clip ons! They are usually amazing colors, stones, and so bright and costumey. Perfect with a cozy sweater and messy bun.

Denim Skirt- This one we got from you guys! So many of you posed in the “Stay Messy” tee with adorable button up skirts. So cute! This one is perfect. 

Brighten-Your-Day Tees- We all want a shirt we can throw on in the morning that will make us instantly smile and think positive thoughts. A little reminder to yourself to seize the day. What about this shirt that says “Nothing is worth more than today” or these cute embroidered ones that can say either “Everything is going to be great” or “keep going”.  


Macadamia nuts- Spiced, baked, eaten plain. These popcorn sized nuts are fun to experiment with baking as well. Also a tip to vegans (& non vegans), Macadamia nut butter tastes JUST LIKE white chocolate. It’s actually insane.

Kona Coffee- This coffee is grown in a specific region on the island of Kona, Hawaii. Something about the pH in the soil takes the bitterness out of the bean. If you ever see a bag of it at your grocery store, snag it! You won’t even need to add sugar.

Hummus- Officially re-obsessed. Make it yourself so you can make it oil free & make it the flavor you want! All you need to do is blend a drained can of chickpeas (save bean juice from the can), 3 tablespoons tahini, juice of one lemon, half teaspoon of salt, teaspoon of cumin. Blend it up and add bean juice if you need to get it to the right consistency! Then add in whatever other flavors you want- garlic, basil, roasted red pepper, curry powder

Leftover Curry Pockets- If you also find yourself with an abundance of leftover Thai food, you have to try this. Take whatever curry you have in your fridge, works best if it is made with potatoes, and mash it up slightly. Then, grab some pizza dough, roll it out a bit, and tuck the curry into the dough and seal it up like a little pita pocket. Panini press it or grill it into a beautiful Indian spiced sandwich. Serve with some spicy sauce.

Pad Thai- Noodles mixed with peanuts, lime, vegetables, and probably crack. This month I (Emma) went three days in a row eating Pad thai for lunch. For my vegans out there, just ask for no egg & you are good to go!

Mango Smoothies- There is something so deliciously creamy about a smoothie with a tun of frozen mango chunks blended up into it. A glass of healthy yellow happiness.

Pumpkin Pancakes- Make your favorite pancake recipe, and at the end, simply stir in half a can of organic pumpkin puree, and a bit of cinnamon. It’s lovely how the entire kitchen will start to smell like fall. Serve with maple syrup & some raspberries.


Embroidery- Pick up one of your old t-shirts and some thread and stitch a word or cute design somewhere on it. Messy stitch some quotes, or a heart on the sleeve, or words around the collar.

Light under eye shadow- Forgo eyeshadow on your lids, and choose a color like gold, lavender, or any shimmery metallic right under your lower lashes. Your aura will radiate with mythical woodland fairy type vibes.

Twiggy inspired eyes- Search twiggy on Youtube and 10,000 results will pop up for how to do her iconic, eye-popping look. There are a few ways to do it, but the key is in dramatically darkening your crease and adding more mascara on the bottom lashes than you feel is physically possible.

Painting on your jeans- Grab some acrylic paint, blast some music, and paint on the pockets, hems, and legs on any denim that you have lying around.

Scoping out Yelp- We all get in that rut of going to the rotation of the same four places, so get on yelp and see what you can find. Search random phrases and check all corners of your area & you are bound to find something cool.

Tea Baths- If you pick up some tea flavors that you don’t really like, or you have a box that has been sitting in your pantry for a while, place them in your bathtub as it fills up with hot water. The smell is super relaxing, and bathing in certain types of teas actually has detoxing properties.

Sitting Outside- Even on days with bad weather, sitting outside for a few minutes bundled up in blankets is calming. It gives you time to be introspective, and gather your thoughts. Maybe take this time to list off a few things that you are grateful for. Bring a book or a journal, but leave your phone inside.


The Hills- Weeknd

U Mad- Vic Mensa

Simple Things- Miguel

Do I Wanna Know- Arctic Monkeys

Cocoa Butter Kisses- Chance the Rapper

Woke the fuck up- Jon Bellion

Good Times- Jamie xx

Loud Places- Jamie xx

Are You Gonna be My Girl- Jet

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  1. Anonymous says

    definitely going to read “How to be Parisian Wherever You Are” and try the leftover curry pockets, because they sound damn good! xx

  2. I love painting on my jeans! I actually painted daisies on one of my pairs after seeing that one vlog of yours where India was wearing daisy print jeans.

  3. I love Are You Gonna Be My Girl by The Jets! lol I always pretend that I’m the girl he’s singing about!
    well at least fro when I had my long hair haha I still rock my black boots

    • I used to do the same. And now that my long hair is back I’m thinking I need to start dancing around in my living room to this far more often.

  4. Alaina Zapata says

    I’ve gone to Kona Hawaii, and gone to a famous coffee bean farm.: Kona Joe. The reason the beans are so good is because they hand pick the beans and harvest them almost like grapes for vineyards. They put more effort into creating the best coffee beans. Thought this was a really cool fact, wanted to share.

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