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Inspiration from Cacti

I lived in the desert for ten years, where cacti are what trees are in normal neighborhoods. We had a cactus garden in my backyard, with a bird feeder in the center. In the mornings I was careful to tiptoe around them and fill up the feeder with bird seed, except for one groggy morning when I carelessly stomped my bare foot on the barrel cactus. I wailed and screamed something along the lines of “FUCKTHISCACTUSIHATECACTUSESFOREVER.”

Now after a year of living away from Las Vegas, I have actually grown really nostalgic for this prickly plant. I mean, my tumblr goes at a rate of about dozen cacti per minute of scrolling. My subconscious is definitely trying to tell me something, I’m missing a bit of desert in my life. Here are all things cactus that have been inspiring me lately.


Back Pocket Painting

One rainy day I ran upstairs determined to paint on a pair of jeans. You ever get that craving to ruin clothes as well? I got out my acrylic paints, and decorated my back pocket with some saguaros.

Simply start with a light green base for the cactus body, then add darker green lines for the cactus ribs. Highlight with some yellow, and dabble on some flowers in bloom. Some of the prettiest flowers ever grow on cacti.


Crystal Cactus

This brand has a lot of great quality pendants and crystals (under the lifestyle tab on their site). You can mix plants and crystals together, in a sort of crystal garden. My first year of college, I brightened up my dorm with a pot of succulents on my windowsill. Tucked between each plant was an amethyst point or a chunk of rose quartz. It gave me such good study vibes;  I felt instantly calmer and more focused after glancing at it. A tip for picking out crystals: whatever your eye goes to first, that’s the one you need! Trust your instincts.


Cactus Phone Case

Okay, how cute is this phone case? I found this buried in my screenshots from over summer, and scoured the web to find out where I could pick one up. Plus, the case is clear so your phone back shows through.


Cactus Skincare

This cleanser is so gentle on my skin & I absolutely love facemasks. They are so relaxing and make you feel like you are really getting pampered. Plus, this skincare line is 100% vegan with natural ingredients. Treat your skin, sit back, and listen to some Zella Day.


Cactus bra

I also found this buried in my screenshots and was able to locate the source. I love bras with a little appliqué, and this one is too perfect with the cacti covering your nips and the criss cross bands.


Cactus Cupcakes

I love having days dedicated to crafting, whether it is collaging, playing music, painting, or baking. This is basically art that you can create all day and eat when you are done. Plus you could think up some of your own succulent inspired cupcake toppers.


Cactus Perfume

Illume is one of my favorite perfume/candle brands mainly because I am such a sucker for packaging. You’ve probably seen some of their products if you poke around Anthropologie. This scent is a bright blend of cassis, pink sea salt, and wild geranium with a hint of avocado.

cactusglasses copy

Spikey Sunglasses

Sunnies come in heart shapes, circle shapes, and cat eye shapes, but these are unlike anything I’ve seen yet. Whimsical yet edgy, they are the perfect shades to spice up a loose white tee and your favorite pair of jeans.



I’m planning for my new apartment right now and at the top of my list for must haves are potted plants. They brighten up a room so much, and if you use a terrarium you can style them and create a living art piece.



I always keep a couple candles on my dresser with varying scents depending on what mood I am in. Jasmines are for when I want to relax, and bright citrus scents like this one are for when I want to keep my energy up and am working on some type of creative project.

The hard thing is finding a candle that both smells good and looks cool, and I love the colorful candle glass and the details of little glass bumps on the sides.

2015-07-14 21.47.20

Advice From a Cactus

Get plenty of sunshine

Accentuate your strong points

Be patient through the dry spells

Conserve your resources

Wait for your time to bloom

Stay sharp!



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  2. This was such a cute read ! I loved how you incorporated the cacti theme into literally every aspect you spoke about, especially the advice from a cactus hehe ❤ sending lots of love from Australia xx


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