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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

I CONSIDER September to be more the start of new beginnings than January is. It signifies the start of the school year, the end of summer, but a whole new slew of opportunities present themselves. For some of us, it just means new teachers, a new grade level. For others, it means maybe a new city, maybe a new job. Whatever it is, the air is crisp and everything is fresh. Time to challenge our minds & grow as the leaves fade and fall.


Motion- This insanely beautiful video features footage from all around the world. Each frame is a different beautiful masterpiece, and linked to the next by the theme of vibrations, energy, and the constant ebb and flow occurring on every corner of the globe.

H&M Commercial- Promotes two important things: breaking the rules and being sustainable. Probably one of the coolest ads you will see.

Cowspiracy- If you haven’t already watched– ITS OFFICIALLY ON NETFLIX. It is creating a major stir, causing major public figures to go vegan, restaurants to change their menus, and people to start asking questions, and speaking up. Learn the truth & join the conversation on conservation. (try saying that 5 times fast)


One Day my Soul Just Opened Up– If you are seeking change, clarity, or want to pull yourself out of a rut, this is a book you need to inspire you. It is a 40 day soul opening challenge book, featuring breathing excercises, places to write about your thoughts, and highlight what you think is present in your life and what you want to be present

The Forest Feast- A photographer left New York city, moved into an isolated cabin in the woods, and shot this beautiful book. While it is technically a book of recipes, the images in it qualify it as an art book.

The Obstacle is The Way– How many times have you said, or thought, “This is HARD!  I don’t want to!” If you’re like most people (and you’re honest with yourself), this conversation happens multiple times on a daily basis.  Most of the time, it’s in your head and most of the time you push through it anyway.So what is it about obstacles that stops so many people and inspires others to achieve past the obstacle? Ryan Holiday addresses this question & helps chart out a path to success.


Messy Heads Fall Henley-  Woo!! Our fall shirt is printed & ready to be shipped out to you! I love how these turned out, and they have the coziest feel when you throw them on. We used an American Apparel unisex henley & it is the same price as it is in the store.. but this one is obviously better 😉

Deep V Body Suit– Bodysuits are a staple for every season, and this is the one you need for fall. Emma picked one up in the store the other day. Pairs so cute with some baggy jeans, a flare skirt, overalls, or some skinny jeans and an oversized fluffy coat for colder days. The wrap is so figure flattering & we are LOVING super deep Vs lately.

Levis– Vintage 501s are a wardrobe staple. They are so perfectly imperfect, how to look like you are not trying too hard but still look effortless. They are bestfriends with all of your flowy tank tops and chunky sweaters alike.

Transluscent Framed Sunglasses– These somewhat see through frames make for a awesome optical illusion of big shades that somehow still look small and chic on your face. They are so different, and the color is perfect for a fall wardrobe.

Bramis- Emma snagged this brami for fall to pair with high waisted jeans, an oversized hat, and a faux fur coat.

Band Tees- Classic rock bands have not only the best music, but the best vintage graphics. Pick your favorite band: Grateful Dead, The Strokes, Pink Floyd, or Van Halen.


Pita- Filled with hummus and veggies, falafel, or just simply dipped into hummus.

Edamame- Current favorite snack is simply microwaved edamame tossed with lemon and a little bit of pepper flakes. Edamame is a great source of protein!!

Farmers Market Finds– The colors at the farmers market this time of year are so exquisite. If you are lucky enough to have one nearby, definitely go! Some things to grab: Apples, especially the huge ones. So crisp, and the perfect snack to munch on, or bake with some granola for a crumble on top of soy ice cream. Also experiment with squash in soups, baked, or made into a puree for pasta sauce. Just wander down the rows and get inspired.

Avocado Toast– I (Emma) used to think I had cracked the code for the perfect avo toast.. boy was I wrong. I was humbled by an experience at London Plane where I almost cried into my plate. Thick slices of house made bread topped with curried avocado, shaved carrots, shaved beets, and the perfect dance of salt and pepper. Oh my god.

Donuts– Found so many vegan donut spots lately. Blue Star, Mighty-O, Voodoo, & many more out there for you discover. Ps, what is the difference between donut & doughnut??


Planted Succulents- Spruce up a room with a lovely little succulent in an unusual container. Maybe a large mug, a mason jar, an old hat, a drawer, a basket, a watering can. The weirder, the better.

Kippy Skateboards– If you are looking to invest in a cruiser, look no further. Kippy has the best decks & rides like a wave on Sundays.

Ugly Pumpkins- Every grocery store has that one massive carboard box of perfect, plump, fairytale orange pumpkins. Those are cool and all, but I love checking out the ugly, twisted, warty, scratched up squashes and pumpkins on display. I’ll be taking a few of those more interesting guys home to decorate.

Electric Eyes– Dab some iridescent powder on the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up on days where you are rushing to class without a cup of coffee.

Nail Decor– Ditch the full polish & and doodle on them instead! Super easy to make daisies, polka dots, diagonal lines, rainbows, cacti, or whatever else you want just using toothpicks, polish, & patience.

Calligraphy– All of these brands have beautiful campaigns with handwritten loopy letters at the center. Learn how to do this yourself through simple tutorials on youtube! After some practice you will be making the best birthday cards, signs, & love letters.

30453 copy

Lent- Autoheart

Can I have it Like That- Pharrel

Do You There- Skizzy Mars

Sweet Ophelia- Zella day

1965- Zella Day

Heartbeat- Childish Gambino

Killing You- Broods

Youth- Daughter

Landfill- Daughter

Pink Matter- Frank Ocean

Casey Jones- Grateful Dead

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    Doughnuts is how you actually spell it. Donuts is how Dunkin Donuts spells it.

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