Inspiration: Beaded Bras, Nip Slips Skateboarding Models & More


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THIS WEEK we were inspired by over the top embellishing on clothes and around our eyes. Looking forward into the future with an amazing runway and back into the past at iconic style. We were also caught off guard by an amazing artist who explores some deep problems in brightly colored paintings. Keep on sparkling little messy heads.

1. Ashish Spring 2016 Runway

Sequins, nip slips, embellished denim, sheer fabric, a beautifully diverse array of models, and skateboarding.. pretty much sums up to the best runway ever. Ashish Gupta was inspired by a pile of sequins scattered haphazardly atop a bench. “I thought they just looked beautiful,” the designer said. So, he thought, why try and impose order when disorder looks so great?

This was a show in which the overwhelming message was its rejection of categories through inclusion: Because we’re all just little sparkles, jumbled together. (via Vogue)

_PET0966  _PET0900_PET1060 _PET1013   _PET0907 _PET0849

2. Embellished Bras

Ashish’s embellished runway had us thinking… If you have to wear a bra, might as well make it sparkle.


3. Rihanna x the Fader 

BadGal Riri is always a favorite of ours because of how effortless & badass she is. The article by the Fader completely nailed the Rihanna persona and the photos they got of her were just as encapsulating.


Rihanni-Feature-Updated_Imagery-06_retouch1_flat_gtveos Rihanni-Feature-Updated_Imagery-03_hum6de Rihanni-Feature-Updated_Imagery-02_vojvgj

4. Gypsy Dreamer, For Love and Lemons Fall 2015

For Love and Lemons always kills it with their collection shoots. The latest seemed wrapped up in a story of a princess dwelling in a lavish estate. Crowns, velvet, embroidery, and intricate fabrics.


 5. Mod Doe Eyes    

The sixties were all about emphasizing the eyes with huge lashes and contouring, but we are loving these images where eyes become an art piece. Painted daisies, actual flower petals, tiny details.. we are getting inspired for some halloween costumes!IMG_2710 81651e725d6f590e2050bd37ff5533f5

9th August 1969: A model wearing false eyelashes, made from fake flower petals and real hair. The lashes, which cost 5 guineas a pair, are produced by Eylure at their London centre in Grosvenor Street. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)


6. Jimi Hendrix

Cannot stop looking at these two photos, the rich colors, the outfits, the hair, the regality of it all just cannot be topped. IMG_2730


7. Dana Ellyn Paintings

Ellyn explores speciesism in her vibrant work, makes you stop and think about our perceptions of food and animals.

coequal friends IMG_2561



  1. kaitlynnkoppenhaver77 says

    You never fail to inspire me. I love your girls’ work, it’s so astounding and quite fresh. I feel so warm inside after i read your articles. xoxo

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