A Perfect Day in Encinitas


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FOR ME, a perfect day happens without anything extraordinary in particular. You just go with your instincts on what feels right in that moment. You don’t question how much time you have spent on something, or what will come next. Everything is blissful, and unplanned in a way that makes everything somehow fall perfectly together. You surrender to the universe, and it will know just what you need in that very moment.

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We arrived in Encinitas on Thursday, with plans to go to the music festival on Saturday. Two days of nothing to do but enjoy our home away from home. I have only spent two summers there and it already feels like a hometown, and India has been going to Encinitas since before she was born, so to her it is her home. It’s funny, that word home. Not necessarily a place where you spent your childhood, or a building that you slept in, but where you feel most yourself, most at ease, and most connected.

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India and I were walking down the pavement from where we stayed all summer down to the water. It felt as though we had jumped in a time machine back to a random day in July. There we were, barefoot, smiling, cash tucked into our journals and heading to Lofty Coffee, where we used to spend most summer mornings. We sat in our usual spot at the bar and slowly sipped lattes and spent equal amounts of time writing in our journals and reading past entries.

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Encinitas is a street we have walked up and down many times, and once even biked around, singing “We are biking to Enciniiiitas, so holla if you seee us.” It is filled with many spaces and places we have inhabited as ghosts of the past. Home Vintage, where we played with the owner’s daughter and bought pins and dresses. Flashbacks, a wild vintage store with wigs, wings, and everything in between. Whole foods, where we bought coffees, sushi trays, dates, hummus, el nops, and giant bottles of coconut water to quench our thirst on hot beach days.

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This particular trip we went to the ocean as soon as possible. I was up at 3 am to catch my plane and traveled for 7 hours, but as soon as I dove under a wave, it was all worth it. That to me is the happiest moment in life, when a huge wave is coming right for you and you dive under it right as it crests and crashes, and open your eyes to look up at this surge of energy and foam travel over you.

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Me and India’s cousin, Savannah sat on E street bluff talking about relationships, boys, and how often girls try to find love in other people before they try to find love within themselves. Savannah said that being single for a while has let her know herself better, and understand what she really wants in the future.

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We’re riding down the boulevard
We’re riding into the dark night, night
With half the tank and empty heart
Pretending we’re in love, when it’s never enough
As the silence filled the lonely air
Oh, they can hear now now now baby
We see a storm is closing in,
Pretending we’re escaping

Don’t say a word while we danced with the devil
You brought the fire to a world so cold
We’re out of time on the highway to never
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on



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