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Beach Goth Street Style

BEACH GOTH is the perfect festival to let your inner freak flag fly. This is our second year going, and the festival was now two days instead of one. More music, more Paletas, more dancing, and amazing outfits. It falls right around Halloween, so people dress up in outrageous costume or just outrageously themselves. I love seeing the myriad of purple lipstick on boys, mom jeans, face paint, vintage garb, and general creativity. It’s not often that you can dress totally out of the box and be praised by complete strangers. One beautiful girl with glitter around her dark brown eyes grabbed my hands as we were passing by each other in this makeshift reggae-music beach area. She said, “You are so beautiful,” and I looked back at her and said “You are beautiful, too.” Parted ways, never to see her again, but it was one of those moments where you fall in love with strangers, their honesty, their bravery, and ability to be their weirdly-beautiful selves in a crowd full of weirdos.


Outfits styled by India, 60s mod girl vibes. She found her dress thrifting and we got the flower earrings randomly a day before the concert. The icing on the whole look was the insanely good makeup job that she did- I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror at my huge, doll-like eyes.

DSC03719 copyIMG_1842

India did her nails herself and that was my favorite element of her whole hippie look.

DSC03593 copy

Fur coats, sequins, pink glasses, and just a bit of glitter


Such sweet denim patchwork on the back shoulder of a stranger’s jacket

DSC03718 DSC03700

Pom-pom hats for the girls and the guys


Pastel moments


So many people lying out on the concrete, laughing, talking, and found these adorable friends among them


Intentional? Or not?


One of the rare times you could say-relationship goals


Caught these two in their own little world


Taking a break from the madness


Messages & missed calls? Nun.


We had a full on Vogue shoot, complete with me saying “YES, work it, right there, give it to me, fabulous!”


Perfect shade of pink hair

DSC03661 copy DSC03652

Remy is a true sunshine goddess, always smiling, always covered in glitter

DSC03646 DSC03644

Backpack details

DSC03634 DSC03618

Naz wearing a crochet top, glitter everywhere, and a navy baseball hat


Naz & India reunited


The outdoor venue had so many piñata & fringe strands weaving throughout the sky


Amazing vintage belt

DSC03604 DSC03599

Criss cross top details


And now days go by and I never needed you
And now days go by and I never needed you
And I worked so hard and I killed myself
And you broke my bones and I soothed my soul

But now days go by
and I never needed you
But now days go by
and I never needed you

More information on Beach Goth 2015



  1. Anonymous says

    where did india get her aquarius necklace from? its so beautiful and i would like my own!


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