7 Ways to Beat the Blues

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A note from Emma: I first met Cybelle last fall. I was a new freshman in a dorm with a new blog and a new P.O. box, and she sent me the first package I ever received. Inside were gem stones, tea packets, confetti, and the loveliest note. I sat in the coffee shop under the art building shaking and reading it. I immediately called her right after and we talked on the phone for about three hours about life, social media, ambitions, college, and genuine happiness. We finally met in person just last month when I was visiting my grandma in Portland. We literally movie-style ran into each other’s arms and hugged for a solid five minutes. I love her creativity, spirit, and her instagram captions, so I asked her to write a post for the blog. Hope you love her as much as I do.

This post is for the babes out there who want to lead a happy, positive life!

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Inhale, exhale, repeat.

Meditation is beautiful, it gives you time to sit and relax. You have no obligation other than to be in that moment. You can create a bond between your mind, body and soul just by breathing.

Sit on a comfy pillow with your legs crossed and your back straight. You can rest your hands in any of these mudras (hand positions for connecting energy through the body)!

Breathe in and out (count to one) in out (two) in out (three) all the way to ten, but if your mind wanders you start at one again. In, out, (one), and so on.

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Listen to Killer Tunes

Find music that reminds you of that road trip you took down the coast. The feel good song that you’d shout out the window with wind whipping through your hair. Turn on the song that you listened to on repeat while gazing out at nature zooming by. Here are my faves:

Joni Mitchell- California

This song reminds me of a trip I took to Maui. We drove all around the island in a VW van blasting music and munching on tropical fruit.

The Beautiful Girls- After All This Time

When I hear this song I immediately think back to summer, hopping on the bus and riding it downtown to the farmers market. Tossing glitter on my friends while writing love notes to each other in the back of our journals.

Ben Harper- Forever

I can see myself humming this song in the kitchen on a sunday morning still rubbing my tired eyes. Making coffee & breakfast for my friends and heading back downstairs to wake them up with snuggles and pancakes.

James Vincent McMorrow -Cavalier

This one’s for the late nights when homework was forgotten about all day and it’s midnight and you have two more pages to write. But somehow it’s all okay because out of my window I can see  moonlight hitting each blade of grass and the trees swaying in the wind.

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Express Yourself Through Style

I love draping colorful scarves, headbands and chunky jewelry all over myself, burying my feet in faux leather boots, tossing on some patched up levi’s jeans + my Messy Heads Henley. Tying it all together with a fluffy cloud-like jacket. But that’s just me, you might dig something completely different. The beautiful thing about self expression through clothing is that you can mix it up every single day, just by combining different items. When you walk down the street what jumps out at you? grey, black + white? Or vibrant colors? When you pick up a Rookie Mag do you drool over the babes in overalls or scroll through the free people insta eyeing all the long white tops & velvet flares. Whatever you feel aesthetically attracted to will make you feel kick-ass when you wear it.

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Keep Your Friends Close But Your Enemies Closer?

Hell no babe! Don’t waste your energy on people that bring you down. Surround yourself with people who want to see you grow and flourish. It’s hard to eliminate the people who hold you back, especially if you fear feeling alone. But with time you will find like minded, kind individuals. Remember that you attract the energy you put into the universe, that goes for social media too. Try to avoid ranting/complaining and especially steer clear of body shaming or hate. Instagram, Tumblr, and other social media platforms can be toxic if you spend hours staring at “perfect women” or “perfect” anyone/thing you are going to have a false idea of what real life is. People tend to show their ideal self on social media, yes they too get acne and have rough days, many of them have messy rooms and forget to do yoga/workout. But they avoid projecting that part of their lives for the whole world to see. Keep in mind that you know best… Your intuition will tell you when a friendship, relationship, or account on social media is toxic, listen to yourself and respect your feelings. Take action to insure that you are surrounded with positivity.


Adventure Often

The best way to find yourself is to get truly lost in the moment. No computer or phone, just nature and good company. Look up and around. The clouds are ever changing, never the same view. The flowers are blowing in the wind, and the tide ebbing & flowing. Keep your eyes open, there is beauty in everything around you.

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Eat Right

Intuitive eating? Does that mean anything to you? To me it means listening to cues my body gives me. Eating when I’m hungry and noticing what foods make me feel alive and happy. We are all intuitive eaters at a young age, we put food in our mouths when we feel hungry. As we grow older societal pressure around body image warps our ability to intuitively eat. It takes time and work to gain that clarity back. Over time i’ve learned that plant based goodness makes me feel the best, as long as it’s cruelty free i’m game! It’s also important to keep in mind the difference between “healthy” and “sustainable”. Salads and juices are healthy, but to lead a sustainable lifestyle most bodies need more variety/ a good combo of fruits, veggies, good fats, protein and starch, If you’re worried about finding balance in what you eat i’d recommend finding a vegan nutritionist or heading over to youtube and watching what I eat in a day videos. (I love these ones).

What Essena and I ate Today // Vegan

What I ate on a School Day // Easy & Vegan

What I eat in a day // VEGAN

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Be Creative

A beautiful way to express and get to know yourself is through art! Create a blog, a youtube channel, or head over to an art store and snag some watercolor paints & a new journal. Let all your emotions flow out through your art. It’s wild how easily you can gain a sense of stability once you’ve allowed the intense emotions to move around freely. Plus you get a neat piece of artwork in the process.

Now that you know some simple ways to be happy + radiate positivity, go out and share these tips with your community. Invite someone to do yoga with you, or write a list of songs that inspire you in an Instagram caption. Incite positivity, and spread it wherever you go. 

Cybelle is a sunshiney nymph dwelling in Portland, OR. She falls in love with nature, the sky, and kindness from strangers everyday, sips coffee, and couldn’t live without her journal or the ocean. Instagram // Youtube



  1. I just discovered this blog and I can’t say anything else besides that I love it. I’m in a bad place rn and these posts help. Keep up the good work. You’re making me happy.

  2. bluebaby says

    I think you guys (especially India) would like the song ‘The trouble with us’ by Chet Faker, it’s funky wonderfulness

  3. looooovely. this is so good! my best friend and i are setting up our own blog to do just this; express our creativity and let the emotions and expressiveness be free! haha, really enjoyed this

    • Andrea says

      Comment the name of your blog when it’s done so I can check ir out!! Or dm me @andrea.marcoss ❤️

      • name of my blog is gold warmth! just click on my name right here and you will transported to it (: first post will hopefully be up this week!

  4. I just recently found this blog and all I can say is thank you. The messy heads always sends me good vibe and make me happy! You have such a positive view about the world and the people in it, it is so inspiring!

  5. I’ve noticed Cybelle’s awesome vibes a while back when i started watching her YouTube videos. She truly is a jr messy head!! I feel like its just Emma (which don’t get me wrong, i love) posting so i’d be awesome to have another writer to contribute! Cybelle is so cute and i would love to see more from her

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  7. I’m so glad that I found this post! I’ve been inspired by the messy heads since the day I first watched one of their videos, then a few months ago I discovered Cybelle’s YouTube and fell in love with her positive energy and free spirit. And now to see my two favourite channels share a blog post together makes me so happy! Thank you both for teaching me to have fun and let go of all the stress every once in a while, thanks for the tips Cybelle & keep up the good work babes!🌱💙✨

  8. These are such beautiful and honest things to beat the blues! Thank you for the inspiration to live fully and freely

  9. Reblogged this on the honey drifters and commented:
    Cybelle is such an inspiration to me, I adore her. I thought this could be a useful post to some of you, so here you go. xo

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