October Favorites


Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

THIS MONTH is always a mix of spooky, quirky, and beautiful. Where favorite things range from cheap pink wigs to books that help you connect with your soul. One of the only months of the year where you can eat spaghetti squash, watch horror films, and wear big furry coats. Loved you, October.


Nightmare on Elm Street-If you hate being scared by actual scary movies, 80s horror is your genre. They are truly hilarious because they are so cringe-worthy. This movie is the cringiest of the cringy, awkward sex scenes, baby Johnny Depp in a crop top, horrible special effects. Love it.

Iris– This documentary is about a 93 year old fashionista who you might’ve seen sitting front row during fashion week wearing massive mod glasses. She’s appeared in a number of fashion documentaries and I’ve always wanted to hear more of her quirky wisdom, and I finally got my wish. By the end you will wish that she was your Grandma/best friend.

American Horror Story- Senior year of high school I got incredibly sick with a combination of mono and an episode of ITP, sure the doctors gave me medication and more platelets and stuff but American Horror story was what really cured me. I binge watched it in bed with yellow curry and hot tea. I tore through all three seasons (thank you netflix) in a week. The fourth season is out and I love it, except for the fact that I can’t watch it alone. So come over, I ordered in thai food!


Eating Animals- This book really takes a look at every angle of what it means to eat animals. You see the impact of factory farming not only on the animal lives but on small ethical farms, other people, crops, society, and you. It talks about culture, tradition, ethics, and other things we just can’t ignore when talking about meat.

How to be an Explorer of the World- By the same author of the Wreck this Journal series. She always has amazing ideas about experiencing moments, letting go of fears, and just being messy in life. This book in particular looks at how to make every day an adventure, which we should all aim to do.

The Moon Divas Guidebook: Spirited Self-Care for Women in Transition– This book is super interactive with places for you to draw and express yourself. It teaches how to love your body and the importance of caring for it. It also talks about how to embrace your moon cycle, recipes for yummy tea, food, self love, and overall a must read for all women. Did you open another tab and order it yet?


Turtle Necks Especially striped ones. As the weather gets colder I find myself grabbing turtle necks from my hangers. They work with jeans, with overalls, with oversized jackets and vests.

Wigs- There is this wig shop right by pikes place featuring a neon sign outside, huge blond afros, red mullets, green chops. Why not have a totally crazy colored hairstyle for the day? (now a proud owner of a new pink bob)

Bolo Tie- Over summer we kept seeing bolo ties with stones on them in thrift stores. Combining mens fashion with your outfits is so playful and sexy- bolo ties are perfect for deep v sweaters or to peek through jean jackets.

Faux Fur Jacket These make everybody look ten times bigger and ten times cozier and I’m really into it. Pink fur, natural looking fur, spotted fur, it all makes you look so chic even with just black jeans and a white t-shirt on.

New Underwear Sets– Ordering yourself matching underwear sets instantly boosts your confidence and has you lounging around in your coordinates sipping tea and pretending you have your life together. Investing in underwear is something so strongly associated with self love, because it is something just for you and your beautiful body. I love this midnight blue velvet set. 

Snake Patterned Booties– AMAZING print boots and 100% vegan. 70s vibes, perfect patterns, wear with that fur coat and turtle neck and wow what an outfit.


Green Banana Smoothie- Shocked to find out that you actually can’t taste the spinach in this smoothie. Add in two frozen bananas, a few handfuls of spinach, a spoonfull of peanut butter, and just one or two dates. It tastes caramelly, peanut buttery, and not spinachy at all.

Avocado Toast- How many times has this been a monthly favorite? I am scared to ask that. Perhaps it needs to be filed under “lifetime favorites.” Nothing beats a morning with a cup of coffee and almond milk, and a cripsy piece of toast topped with an avocado, chile flakes, some lemon, and pepper.

Veggie Sushi- School has started up and that means running to the grocery store in between classes for prepackaged sushi. If you can find spring rolls with peanut sauce, even better.

Spaghetti Squash- Simply slice this in half (long ways) and bake face down. Once you pick at the squash flesh with your fork it pulls apart into perfect spaghetti like strands. It has a nutty flavor, but not so much that it overpowers your dish. Pair with your favorite pasta sauce and some roasted veggies.

Veggie Pho– Rain and hot soup go hand in hand, and pho is simply a cold weather favorite. All of the competing flavors, basil, lime, chile, garlic sauce, mixed together in a big bowl of soul warming yumminess.

Roasted Potato Bowls- Best thing about these is they take barely any prep time and can be for any meal. Simply chop up two potatoes (or however hungry you are) into little pieces, then roast at 425 for about 15 minutes. Mix in a bowl with spinach, avoado, salsa, tomatoes, or whatever veggies and sauce you want.


Edie Sedgwig Eyes- Dramatic dark creases and fluttery eyelashes are something we should bring back.

Boho Bandeau from Natural Life Every color and pattern you could ever want. Not only the perfect stretchy headband but it can be a scarf or a tube top.

Geode Nails- Water marbling nails is truly an art form. Most of the time they turn out looking like beautiful abstract paintings but in this video the nail artist uses certain colors and patterns that make the finished result look like an open faced geode. You need the right colors, a glitter polish, a friend to help you, and lots of patience.

Macrame Wall Hangs There is one in the studio that I work at, serving as a room divider and I love the simplicity and rustic element of it. Definitely going to buy some for my apartment.

Writing Poems- Seems so silly, but sit down and write a poem, about anything. It doesn’t have to be good, but it helps you look deeper into your thoughts, feelings, and the beauty of your surroundings. It can rhyme or it doesn’t have to. It can be two lines or twenty. I love the lack of structure in poetry because it allows you to let go of expectations and just freely write.

Stickers- We finally loaded up the site with five sticker designs- one of them by amazing artist Lacun.a. Only 6$ for a pack of 5 so that everybody who loves the blog can afford to have a little something messy. Stick it on your skateboard, wall, journal, or forehead.

Plants in Weird Pots- Anxiously awaiting for Franki_e to reopen her shop so her her many eyed pots can be filled with succulents and cacti and placed along a sunlit windowsill.


Where is My Mind- The Pixies

Days go By- The Drums

Down by the Water- The Drums

Let Her Go- The Pesos

Wild Thing- The Troggs

You Really Got Me- The Kinks

Mother’s Little Helper- The Rolling Stones

Lola- The Kinks

*Most of these tracks have been reblogged to our Soundcloud


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