Plant Project: Bring the Outdoors In

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WE ISOLATE ourselves from nature and hide away in box-like homes far away from forests or meadows. Break the barrier and bring  cacti or succulents into your home, it’s creates an indoor garden on your window sill, and a jungle on your wall.


Plants are healing, calming companions. They provide balance by eliminating pollutants and turning them into, quite literally, a breath of fresh air. Not only do they improve your physical health, but emotional wellbeing too. By caring for something living, even on the most gloomy of days you have a friend. It takes time to keep a plant healthy and happy, once you get into the rhythm, it starts to feel therapeutic. Waking up in the morning, drinking your coffee and giving your plant it’s water, it becomes a part of your routine.

Buying terrariums has become trendy, but can easily burn a hole in your wallet. If you DIY them instead, you’ll save cash and make a personal connection with the plants. So turn on some killer tunes, make a cup of coffee and search through tumblr for some plant-spo.  


First call your friends and invite them over for a craft day, you can all make unique terrariums, plus when you’re all done you’ll definitely need some help naming your new baby plant! Ask each of them to bring over some photos of terrariums they’ve seen around social media and some little trinkets you can add for a special, sentimental touch.


Head to your favorite vintage shop, goodwill, or even just just a grocery store where you can pick up some mason jars. Keep your eyes open for neat mugs, vases, or bowls. Look for wild colors and textures, or keep it classic with glass and clay pots. You can even paint on the clay pots later to get a super unique feel.

Then it’s time for all the little details: gems (grab the ones that you’re most attracted to, they can provide the most healing for you in the moment), stones, glitter, little figures of fairies & mermaids, moss, etc. You can do a free for all and grab whatever you like, or pick a theme.

Theme ideas:

70’s- Think California beach town, rolling down the highway in your old VW bus. Go for a cacti, paint some psychedelic flowers on the pot, mix glitter in with the sand, and top it off with brightly colored crystals.

Jungle- Picture a tropical rainforest, vibrant greenery and flowers everywhere. Pick a plant with large leaves that drape over the edge, add moss as well as other small succulents and put it in something equally as wild and out there as the jungle, i’d look for a green mug or watering can.

Minimalistic- Imagine you’re in a NYC apartment, brick walls, simple furniture and muted colors. Reach for the most aesthetically pleasing succulent and keep it simple with a glass jar and pebbles.


Now for the most important part… the plants! Go to your local nursery and walk around for a while. I feel so calm and at peace when i’m surrounded by nature, if you’re the same way then take your time and enjoy it. Make sure to do some research or talk to somebody working there to get the perfect plant for your environment. You should check to see that your home will have enough sunlight and that you know how much water it needs in order for it to thrive. Many plants can’t take care of themselves, they’re like pets… You have to be responsible for giving them the things they need to flourish. If that overwhelms you, I’d recommend an air plant or cacti, they can survive with lessless close surveillance.  After you’re done strolling around grab a few new plants (don’t forget some pebbles, dirt or sand) and take them back to their home.

The best part, putting it together… Pour some sand (dirt or pebbles) in your first container. Then put the plant in, topping it off with more of the filler. Now make it yours with the extras (gems, pebbles, etc). And finally find the perfect spot for it in your home and give your new friend a name.



Em was telling me that one of her professors once said “If you want to have a child, take care of a dog first. If you want to have a boyfriend, take care of a plant first.” So go on, make some terrariums and when you’re done, post a picture, use the hashtag #MessyHeadsTerrariums, and tag us (@TheMessyHeads) to be featured!  

Cybelle is a sunshiney nymph dwelling in Portland, OR. She falls in love with nature, the sky, and kindness from strangers everyday, sips coffee, and couldn’t live without her journal or the ocean. Instagram // Youtube



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