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Reflecting Lights- Inspiration & Playlist

We are driving down the rain streaked streets. Since it is approaching Christmas time, the city is even more illuminated than normal. All of the light is dappled and reflected onto the asphalt. Squinting your eyes, you feel like you are zooming through time and space. One of the places I feel the most free is in the confines of a car. Passenger side, staring out at life on all sides of me passing by, singing out whatever song that is playing.

This is a collection of particular songs I listened to during late night ubers in Los Angeles. I think it’s funny how everybody responds to songs differently- some trigger bad memories, some trigger good ones, others trigger very specific, very personal ones. Certain songs remind me of certain people- there are a few on this playlist that remind me of one boy in particular. Music, photos, writing is how I sort out all of my thoughts, so this is just a glimpse about what goes on in my head during these night drives.


4245jimiScreen Shot 2015-12-10 at 7.15.53 PM


  1. Marika says

    so inspirational, as always♥ “would you rather bang jimi or basquiat” ahahah that’s a good question


  2. Ever since I discovered the messy heads a few months ago I have been changing for the better, so much. You guys are so inspiring, thank you for everything you do. You really make a huge impact on people.


  3. Frankie says

    you inspire me so much Emma! you have such an amazing spirit and please never stop creating love ❤


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