Seattle Diary: Creative Energy


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15 days ago, mid finals, stressed out of my mind, Nydia facetimed me. She was nervous, and was toying with the idea of coming up to Seattle for a few days during winter break but wasn’t sure it was going to pan out. Me being the bad influence that I am (I spend all of my money on plane tickets) told her to book it, and that everything else would work out.

And it did.

Nydia flew into Southern Oregon to meet up with Maddi, they drove further up the coast to pick up Cybelle, and finally ended up at Seattle. I was in charge of booking the Airbnb, summer gave me a lot of experience in picking the perfect space that was a balance of whimsical and cheap. This impromptu get together felt like a vacation even though I wasn’t leaving the city.

The presence of people you talk to often but rarely see in person is charged with so much energy. Especially this group of girls, we spent our first night together endlessly rambling about buddhism, boys, and creative projects.

Seattle was generous and the universe aligned. The place we stayed in was pure magic and there was not a cloud in the sky the one full day we all had together.

The first morning was spent on buses and meandering through Pike’s market. Pike’s is one of those places that every visitor has to see, no matter how cliche the throwing fish are or how expensive one avocado is. The colors always speak to me differently with the changing seasons and bringing people who haven’t seen it before add a pair of fresh eyes. Through other people I also get to see it for the first time all over again.

Back at the Airbnb we made potato hash and sang along to Jack Johnson.

We spent the day working on creative projects, taking bubble baths, and lounging around listening to music.

At night we sat in this weird formation on the plush carpet, holding hands and crossing legs and somehow through a wine haze thought it was a good idea to go around the circle and compliment each other.

When it was my turn to be complimented Cyb turned to me and tried to explain that it felt like I had picked her, picked everybody, and picked this experience. In a weird way, I see what she means. When you put out the energy you want to receive, and tune into positivity, these experiences manifest themselves. It may seem like a spontaneous weekend trip, but it was set in motion a long time ago.

Reach out to people, open yourself up to the possibilities, and adventure is inevitable.




  1. Anonymous says

    So are you guys comfortable being naked around each other? That’s so cool.

  2. Lynsy says

    I love this article. You always inspire me to put forth a bunch of positive energy and adventure into my life. Also, maybe you could give a recipe to that potato hash… 🙂

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