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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

I told myself when I started The Messy Heads there would never be a hair or makeup tutorial, one, because I’m not very good at either, and two, because you can find that on any magazine stand or on any youtube channel. Anyway, I like to focus on the whole inner beauty thing. There is but one exception to this rule: glitter. I don’t even really consider glitter to be makeup, it’s more an accessory, or maybe it’s a lifestyle. The trick is to apply just enough that you look like a mysterious celestial babe and not like a five year old in a craft cabinet- unless it’s a music festival, then its required to roll naked in glitter before you head out the door.

I had a lot of help for this project! Cybelle was the obvious choice for the model (I mean, her instagram handle is @glittr_) Maddi was amazing at photographing, & Nydia filmed as I did Cyb’s makeup and took off the glitter in between looks. Her secret to not irritating your skin: makeup removing oil.


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Disco Cleo

The vibe: You are commander of the Nile and dominator of the dance floor. It’s classic and edgy, an ode to both the past and the future. With this look I picture a starry night sky, rotating like a disco ball with silhouetted pyramids in the foreground.

Listen to while getting ready: Pyramids by Frank Ocean, Age of Aquarius by Dev Hynes, & anything by 1975.

Muses to emulate: Elizabeth Taylor & Cher. You have to check out Taylor’s gilded gold ensembles in Cleopatra. In the film she sticks to single bold colors, red, yellow, green in figure hugging shapes as a backdrop for her elaborate gold headpieces & dramatic makeup. A solid color outfit could be fun, but don’t match it to your eyeliner color. Cleopatra always wore blue shadow and dark eyes no matter what jewel tone she chose. For some reason this disco eye look reminds me of Cher, who has so many iconic looks. My favorite of hers are when she wears simple pants with billowy, deep v neck tops. Subtle and sultry, just like the makeup.

Execution: Line your eyes with black liquid liner, but don’t wing this line out. I find that small, even strokes work best. I like doing thin lines towards the tear ducts and fatter in the middle, a nod to 60s mod makeup that really makes your eyes look bigger.

Pick your favorite glitter liner color. I found this NYX liquid glitter liner at the drugstore and it came in a plethora of colors. I thought the icy blue would look best on Cybelle, but for myself I might’ve chosen a green, gold, or purple. Now find an eyeliner that is close to the glitter shade. You could even use an eyeshadow applied with a thin brush. Follow above the black line you already made and then wing it out as much or as little as you like. The purpose of this step is to give a base for your glitter.

Finally, add on the glitter liner. I waited for the first layer to dry and then added another for even more impact. It’s important to have a friend help you because you can’t open your eyes with wet glitter!!

Your motto tonight:“All strange and terrible events are welcome, but comforts we despise.” -Cleopatra



Lilac Babydoll

The vibe: Pouty, diva, I only drink champagne with raspberries persona. This look feels messy, drugged out, and a bit Lolita to me. If you just had sparkly lids it would be very fairy-like, but adding glitter beneath and heavy bottom lash mascara it unhinges it a little and gives this air of unpredictability. Am I here to fall in love? Or break your heart?

Listen to while getting ready: Hurricane by Bob Dylan, 1965 by Zella Day, Kiss Off by The Violent Femmes, Foxey Lady by Jimi Hendrix, and literally anything by Lana Del Rey.

Muses to emulate: Twiggy & Kate Moss. Twiggy was famous for both the heavy bottom lashes and always slightly miffed expression. When your eyes are this sugar coated you can look a little bit pissed and pull it off. She donned a lot of boxy dresses, so I think a boxy crop top with a stiff skirt would vibe well, or anything white and interestingly cut. Kate Moss is the style queen for this ensemble because she had the face and body of a girl and yet sex appeal of a woman. Her simple sheer slip dresses make me tear up. Think simple shapes, simple colors, with a bit of an unexpected twist, like Kate did.

Execution: Really all you need to do is roll on the shimmer from your lashes to brow bone and under your eyes as well. Smudge it out to give it that lived in look. NYX has AMAZING roll on glitters available in a ton of colors and they are so so pigmented. I sat there in the aisle rolling shade after shade on the back of my hand marveling at each swatch. You can’t go wrong no matter which you pick.

After you have doused your eye area with this powder, put one measly coat of mascara on your top lashes and three on your bottom. I don’t know why this ties it together so well but it does.

Your motto tonight: “Light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul.” Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov



Angel Glow

The vibe: Lying in fluffy bed sheets and picking apart cotton candy with long, baby pink nails. I love the all over glow that is so undeniably angelic. This was absolutely my favorite look on Cyb. I feel like when you wear this look everybody views you in Slow-mo, don’t know why.

Listen to while getting ready: Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks, Good for You by Selena Gomez, Falling by Haim, anything by Banks, and maybe one Madonna song right before you head out the door.

Muses to emulate: Elsa Hosk & Edie Sedgwick. Ever since Guy Aroch’s photography expose titled “Project Elsa” (get a peek of it on our Feb Faves) I have been in love with Elsa’s capability to be so free spirited, naked and innocent all at the same time. I love how she combines denim, fur, and patterns in a way that feels really fresh- check out her instagram to see what I mean. Edie Sedgwick is one of the first to rock the bold brow look while still maintaining a baby face with the rest of her look, pale lips, pulled back hair, big eyes. Her eclectic sense of fashion bewilders me: how is she able to effortlessly combine chandelier earrings, thick stripes, body suits, and leopard print coats- literally all at once. Her token item are giant earrings- give those a try with this look.

Execution: First, darken and shape your brows to give this delicate look some structure. Then, I used the NYX roll on shimmer but in a white tone, they also had a few champagnes that would work beautifully. Roll it on all of the high points of your face-  cheekbones, brow bones, cupids bow, bridge of your nose, a little bit between your brows. If you have any questions, consult any contouring tutorial on youtube and pay attention to where they apply the lighter colors.

Then, with a fluffy brush blend it out and I finished up by smudging harsh lines out with my finger tip. To finish it off, sprinkle some chunky silver glitter across your cheeks and nose that end up looking like sparkly freckles. I wish all freckles were actually glitter flecks.

Your motto tonight: “Finally surfaced above the downs feeling her boldest, she came around cause she’s a goddess, finally saw this.” -Banks


Dorothy Lips

The vibe: I told Cybelle as I was patting the glitter on that she is going to leave a trail like breadcrumbs on all the boys she kisses. I picture the girl who wears this look to be rolling her eyes, tying a cherry stem in her mouth, sipping a strawberry milkshake, wind twisting through her hair as she rides a Carmengia into the sunset. She gives no fucks and owns the night with a balance of sultry and untouchable.

Listen to while getting ready: Barracuda by Heart, Heart of Glass by Blondie, Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, & Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi.

Muses to emulate: Liza Minnelli & Marchesa Casati. Liza Minnelli in Cabaret is not unlike her true style. Black, fur, feather boas, bowler hats, and red lips, always red lips. I like how her style is masculine and feminine, I think that’s why she is such an icon to me. I mean fur coat with slacks??? Genius. Take a note from her when dressing for this look. & Marchese Casati- where do I even begin? She was the wealthiest heiress in Italy, 1881. She wore live snakes as jewelry, took her pet boa constrictors to stay with her at the Ritz in Paris. She had fully nude male servants- and was known to take midnight strolls completely naked underneath her furs, parading around pet cheetahs on diamond studded leashes. Yup.

Execution: Exfoliate your lips before attempting. A matte lipstick works best for your base so everything isn’t sliding around, as long as the color is similar to the glitter you choose it shouldn’t be a problem. Pat the matte coat with NYX lid lacquer and then pat on the glitter. After drying, it was actually pretty stable- Cyb easily talked, laughed, and ate some pretzels.

Finish off the look by adding the same lid lacquer to your eyelids to give them a glossy effect that balance out your star studded lips.

Your motto tonight: “Does it really matter so long as you’re having fun?” -Sally in Cabaret, 1972.




  1. it’s definitely a lifestyle. you’re awesome! my favorite is the dorothy lips, oh man, too good!

  2. this is my favorite blog post by far!! the discription with each look just makes me feel some type of way like a bad ass bitch. can’t wait to try one of these
    looks out on New Years!!

  3. Glitter is my favorite medium, but my parents state otherwise since my projects leave glitter all over the house! haha

  4. i cannot even express the love for your blog and youtube channel and literally everything you make. best place on the fricking entire Internet

  5. Indigo says

    I love you, this blog, and everything you make so much! It truly is one of my favorite websites to go to. I know you’re not a fan of make up or hair tutorials, and you focus on inner beauty. But I love this post so much and I hope to see more! There just aren’t many beauty tutorials like this on the internet. Would love to see how you did your Beach Goth looks (love both years looks so much)!! And as I hate admitting it: when I feel good on the outside, I seem to feel really good on the inside.

  6. aaah please don’t start a make-up thingy bc i’m really into the inner beauty 🙂 x
    (no hate, i loved the vibes, as always)

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