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It says goodbye, good morning, I love you, and pass the salt. It says tired eyes and big smiles and clutching a cup of coffee for warmth. It spells the beginning and end to so many of my favorite memories. The most important meal of the day because it ends the night or starts the day. All iconic movie scenes to me are also breakfast related- think Pulp Fiction or even the Breakfast Club, which I guess is more about the lack of breakfast. The carbs and coffee consumed during dawn is vital, not for the nutritional importance but for who you share these moments with.

These are my favorite type of breakfasts mixed with some of my favorite cinematic breakfast scenes.




Late Nights that Turn to Early Mornings

Me and my friend Savannah would pile a bunch of comforters and pillows into the back of our friend’s truck, drive up to a sketchy dirt overlook and stare out at the twinkling lights dusted over the valley. Playing music on our phones, mindlessly strumming guitar, talking about aliens, and laughing until the early morning. We would start searching on our phones around 5 am, looking for the breakfast place that opens the earliest. Before the sun breaks, hopping back into the car to be the very first customers, often sitting in the parking lot for 5 minutes awaiting the opening. After we are full and our eyelids are heavy, crawling back into bed to cuddle and sleep through the heat of the summer day.


Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Too Early to Function

Those days where you bite the bullet and set your alarm an hour and a half early to go and meet before school, before work, before a reasonable hour. Extra coffee is required, waving the waitress back again and again to refill cream colored mugs to the brim. Me and my friends’ go-to spot before school was a place that served coffee cake and potato skillets. We would all squish in a booth in the back right corner. The only other company would typically be an old man flipping through the paper and the  pitter patter of the wait staffs’ feet on linoleum.


Reservoir Dogs

Family Affair

My brother and I really don’t hang out much during the week. He is in drama and is rehearsing plays until late, and I’m on campus or at a coffee shop typically. Occasionally we will overlap for dinner, but Sunday breakfast is our day. We go to Easy Street or Alki cafe. Sometimes I make him ditch first and second period and come and get breakfast with me, my treat. I get some potato dish with coffee, and without fail, he always gets chocolate chip pancakes and a hot chocolate. It makes me think that through all the years of growing up, he will always be my little brother who orders chocolate chip pancakes


Falling Down


Beer and Waffles

Drunk breakfast, because I-Hop is the only place that is open at 3 am. Drenching oily hash browns in every type of available syrup and laughing harder than you ever thought possible. There is always something a bit disjointed about having breakfast when it’s midnight black outside, but it feels perfect after a party.


Fifty First Dates

5 More Minutes…

The after a late night, when you just can’t get yourself out of bed without a brunch bribe. When I was at Haley’s one morning she tried waking me up at least 6 times, to each of her attempts I would beg for a few more minutes buried under the blankets. Through my tired haze I heard her on the phone with Sofia– “Yeah, Emma isn’t getting out of bed….” Throwing on sweats or somebody else’s oversized shirt, not caring about anything but the promise of something golden brown and salted- mexican food is ideal option. The hours between 11 am and 12 spent trying to piece together what happened last night and wiping glitter off of your skin.


Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Lazy, Lonely, Loving it

Waking up and having the house to yourself. Staying in your PJs, throwing on slippers and wandering to the kitchen. Waiting for the toast to pop up while sitting on the counter sipping coffee. Having the morning to gather your thoughts, listen to slow music, and appreciate light streaming through the window panes.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Morning After

Waking up slowly after a late night spent talking with friends. Everybody walking around in big tshirts and all working together to cook. One person in charge of cutting fruit, one flipping pancakes, another goofing off and another singing while pouring cups of juice. Gathering together still sleepy and planning out the day in a happy haze. Laughter, smiles, and a room full of warmth


Pulp Fiction

Road Trip

Waking up and thinking “where should we drive to today?” Scouring Yelp for obscure hole-in-the-walls forty minutes away. Famous for their dutch pancakes? Wall is signed by an 80s rock star? 100 year old family establishment? Finally selecting  today’s destination and driving there singing along to the radio. Windows rolled down and trees blurring by. The type of place where the waitress calls you “Hun” as she hands you a full glass of house made orange juice.Playing I-Spy with all of the collectibles hanging on the wall that reveal a history. Regulars packing the place, the clang of silverware scraping against plates. Maybe it’s the thrill of your mini adventure, or maybe this really is the best rye toast you’ve ever had.


Groundhog Day

My favorite breakfasts are ones spent with people you love whether it’s adventuring, routine, a team effort, or you are the only two in the joint at the crack of dawn. Breakfast time is bonding time, I only eat breakfast with you if I love you.

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It’s not who you want to spend Friday night with, it’s who you want to spend all day Saturday with. Feel me, Felix?

-Friends with Benefits


*Thank you to my dear friend Savannah for helping me out with these, I have the best breakfast memories with her. & thank you to Haley for getting me out of bed for brunch. 


  1. Anonymous says

    I enjoy vegan waffles topped with berries. Fruit is so refreshing in the morning. Amazing post as always! So eye opening in regards to the importance I have forgotten that breakfast has. Have a happy new year, Emma :))

  2. Oh man, I would love to have breakfast with you! great post once again emma, you rock 🙂

  3. Kayleigh says

    I love this blog post! It has a feeling of nostalgia that I absolutely love.

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