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A note from Emma: Chase was briefly on my cross country team, strangely we never really talked in high school, but she was somebody I definitely should’ve been friends with. After she graduated, her Instagram burst with breath taking scenery photos and she took her rock climbing hobby full time. Graduation freed her, and I saw her change before my very eyes, post by post. She is somebody that I draw immense inspiration from, her words, her photos, her hunger to just live life. She had to get lost to find herself. 

By Chase Robbins

Once I graduated high school I had time to think about the kind of person I was. The things I owned were beginning to own me. After self-reflecting, I went to my closet and threw away 90% of the clothes in there. For years I wore uncomfortable, tight t-shirts or skinny jeans to try to fit in. But fit into what? Girls that care about their appearance? That isn’t me. Sure I care about my health, I brush my teeth, shower, and wash my face- I swear. But I don’t need makeup or a different hair color to make me feel beautiful. I like simplicity, in fact I started to crave it. I downsized and minimized- big time.

Anything that wasn’t adding value to my life was gone. Perfumes, chemical-filled lotions, clothes that I would wear to look “presentable”, every makeup product I owned, hair brush, furniture, 12 pairs of shoes. It became addicting. At moments I would second guess what I was doing. I would ask myself if this was too impulsive (I’m known for being impulsive) and just a way to run away from what I was used to. I seemed to be having an “angel vs demon” fight in my mind over inanimate objects.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 4.43.53 PM

Since middle school I had an old Ugg box that I filled with memories. I held on to old amusement park tickets, cards from friends, and notes from people that I haven’t heard from in years. I realized all of these things just took up space. The note from my childhood best friend was NOT my friend. I was using an object to manifest them. I would rather connect with someone in person rather than feel their company through an object.

I don’t want to find comfort in my life by being surrounded by objects, I want to find comfort in the people I surround myself with. My parents thought (still think) I’m going insane. They couldn’t wrap their heads around why I was selling/donating all of my things. I announced I will never buy a book again, only check them out from the library. I announced I’ll be getting most everything from thrift shops to avoid putting more waste into the world.

Having less really is more.

Money I would be spending on a new top at Free People can now be used to buy a plane ticket to explore the rainforests of South America. I want my life to be about experiences, not things.

-photos & captions from Chase’s instagram– 







  1. Love this, these pictures are amazing! Chase Robbins is definitely someone to look up to.

  2. Kristine says

    yeah but i just barley can’t break through the social norms barrier whilst still in high school.. help?

    • Chase says

      I was definitely on your boat until I graduated in June. I realized I seriously kept maybe 3 friends from high school. Everyone else I just communicated with to get by. If I could go back, I would express myself and not care if people thought I was weird. I wear my comfortable clothes around now that don’t “match” in color and could careless what anyone think. Easier said than done, I know. But you will attract like-minded people by acting how YOU want to. don’t be afraid to be unique. it’s a good thing to not be a mind-controlled zombie copying what everyone else is doing. if you need anymore advice message me on Instagram, i’d love to help you

  3. this is most definitely one of my favorite posts ever. i swear i love this blog more and more with every post, and i didn’t know that was possible. thank you all for doing what you do. much love.

  4. It’s all great and very inspiring but what does she do for a living or get the money for her travels?

    • Chase says

      I worked for 6 months and saved all of that money for traveling. I’m running out of money though so I’m looking at getting little part-time jobs while i workaway for a few months, or i’m currently developing a website. Theres a cheap flight from where I live to Europe (around $340 roundtrip, insane, i know) and I just travel with a small backpack so I don’t have to buy a bag for the flight or anything, it’s just my carry-on. And then I use to find locals where I will be, and then I sleep there for free. or I use workaway! I definitely recommend couchsurfing, it could be daunting staying with a stranger, but i have made amazing friends through it. And then I walk everywhere in the city so I don’t pay for transportation. NEVER take a taxi, such a waste of money. If the city is too big, then use the metro, but it’s amazing to see a city by walking. For food, I don’t go to restauraunts. Maybe one cheap restaurant a week to try the local dish, but that’s it. I don’t drink alcohol so I don’t spend money on that. I eat super cheap, bag of spinach, cheap pasta noodles, cheap pasta sauce will be my dinners and lunches. Apples for snacks and breakfast. Just travel frugally, it makes it SO cheap and attainable.

  5. Yet another reason why I absolutely love this blog!! Every post gives me so much to think about and so much inspiration for my own journey to a simple, mindful lifestyle 🙂 Thank you. xo

  6. This was such a soothing read. I cant wait for 2016 to start so i can meet new friends who are humble and spontaneous who we can go on adventures at midnight and soak up the sunset on sunday mornings :’)

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