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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

February is either a high or low month, there never seems to be an in-between. You are in a relationship, loving somebody, high off life and ready for Valentine’s day, the holiday that divides this short month directly down it’s center. Or you are “low” and single, and for some reason mourning that. You are on a high, completing resolutions and dominating the new year, or a low, bogged down by midterms and feeling the pressure of school again with summer so far off in the distance. This month we want to bask in the highs and let the lows humble us, so we have movies of the Beach Boys at their lowest, and songs of them at their highest. We have ways to pick yourself up through what you are eating and get rid of bad vibes by reducing your wardrobe. Here’s to a month of loving the highs & lows.

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Supermensch– Inside the life of Shep Gordon, a man who spent his time and talents on making other people famous. It will make you want to dive back in time and walk the danky hotel hallways, searching for Jimi Hendrix and all of the possibilities rock and roll had to offer.

Love and Mercy– When you listen to the Beach Boy’s lyrics, you would have no idea that the man behind such cheerful lines was fighting demons bigger than he could take. This movie follows him as he loses his journey through life until he ultimately loses his mind.

Crossroads– An early 2000s movie starring Britney Spears about road trips, boys, and chasing your dream to being a popstar. It is predictable and cheesy, but still an amazing chick flick you need to watch with girlfriends and a big bowl of popcorn or a tub of Vegan Ben & Jerry’s.

Wayne’s World– The acting is so bad that it is good, the plot is so weird that it works, and the same ripped jeans and band tees throughout the entire movie- yes. And Cassandra? SHE’S A BABE.


The Starch Solution– By Dr. McDougall. If you are interested in going vegan, are already vegan and looking to get healthier, or just want to lose weight or get on a better diet, this is the book you should read! Dr. McDougall backs up everything with research, studies, and explanations that make sense and are easy to understand.

Laurel Canyon-If you want to be in a living room with Joni Mitchell in the 1960s, this book takes you there. It details what went on in the hollywood hills during this new hippie grunge movement. It is filled with amazing artists interacting to produce music that would change their generation.

Secondhand books– When you don’t know what to grab, head down to a secondhand book store and peruse the shelves. You help the environment and may find a book you didn’t know you were looking for.


Denim– Soft denim jeans, denim jackets, denim skirts, denim overalls. It seems every day this past week I have worn the same denim jeans over and over. Once you find a favorite pair of denim, your really don’t have to wash it for a couple of weeks. Let your denim feel soft, and lived in.

Fjall Raven backpack– I know I know I may be a little late to the party on this one, but this has been the best backpack I have ever owned. I am usually carrying books, journals, my laptop, planners, etc in my backpack and this one separates everything perfectly and it doesn’t feel as heavy as other backpacks do. Plus they come in a bunch of fun colors!

Beret– I found a black beret thrifting and proceeded to wear it every day since. Maybe it’s not going to be a beret, but find a funky unexpected item and wear it until you feel comfortable and then you will really start to rock it. I’m all for people having that one signature accessory that they are known by.

Soft Band Tees– Another item to look for while thrifting. Also denim’s best friend. Find a favorite band among the shirts or pick a random shirt and listen to one of their albums. A way to find new music you might love.


Soothing Tea– Cayenne, ginger, turmeric, and lemon is all you need when you are sick.

Veggies– So many of my meals lately have simply been veggies cooked in a pan with some water and soy sauce. So simple and so tasty. My go to mix is cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots over rice.

Raw– This month I went Raw-til-4ish, basically where you eat only raw foods until 4 pm. Pretty simple. I didn’t follow it super striclty but it helped me swap out bagels or toast in the morning for smoothies, and smash in the fruits and veggies.

Donut Friend– IF YOU LIVE IN LA YOU HAVE TO GO HERE. It is heaven. First pick whatever donut you want, all of them are vegan. They have coconut bacon donuts, smores donuts, raspberry donuts, sprinkled donuts, chocolate, lemon, whatever your heart desires. But that’s not all, then you can fill it with ice cream, nut butters, fresh jams, chocolate spreads, and then top it off with even more amazing stuff. Too many options. If you don’t live in LA, click on the website and proceed to cry.

Creamy Pasta– Haley has an amazing recipe for a warm, homey vegan pasta that we have on cozy nights in, watching movies and getting work done. First, heat up 2 shallots and 8 chopped cloves of garlic in a skillet with olive oil until they crisp up a bit, then whisk in a cup of flour. Then little by little, add in two cups of almond milk and whisk while adding so there are no clumps. Let it simmer until it becomes creamy, then mix it in with your pasta & top off with salt and pepper! You can also add in whatever veggies you want: peas, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli.

Frozen Mango– Best dessert ever. So simple and creamy.

Strawberries– One morning we wandered down to the farmers market and got three baskets of strawberries for $5. So big, fresh, and juicy, and such a good breakfast. Sometimes simple is better, a lot of studies show that starting your day off with mono meals (one type of fruit in large quantities) helps your digestion.


Tech Backgrounds– This month we are feeling dreamy, loving, and connected. Set this graphic designed by Haley as your home or lock screen to remind you to be the ethereal flower child that you are, phone background / computer background.

Journals– The shop is now stocked with 4 different journal designs! Pick your favorite and fill with song lyrics, messy thoughts, doodles, plans for your travels, ideas, sketches of strangers, poems, or whatever else you and your pen can come up with. + Each journal will come with a little packet of 90 days of journaling to help you get started & get those creative juices flowing.

Depop– Sell your old clothes, swap for some cool new finds, or grab some artisan made things. In high school whenever I was tired of clothes in my closet, I would sprawl out all of my items on the floor of my bedroom for my friends to choose from. Depop has the same sort of feeling- making something old new again. So go clean out your closet and make some cash to invest in something new to you! You can find my page here.

Creative Pep Talk Podcast– For all the creatives that want to cultivate a career around what they are most passionate about. The You are What You Eat episode has been on my mind for some time now.

Blush– For days where you wanna go with that sunkissed 70s natural babe look, just do your brows and stroke on some blush and you are done. I love the anastasia brow pencil + naked flushed palette. Both are from cruelty free brands + check out this list to see all of the brands Sephora carries that don’t test on animals, because really, an animal shouldn’t have to suffer for you to make your lips a different color.

Ukulele– So simple to learn to play a few chords and fun to have around the house or stashed in the back of your car. Songs to learn & keep in your back pocket for you and all of your friends to sing together, You & I, Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, Lazy Song, Skinny Love, Imagine, and whatever other songs you make up on late nights when the stars are out.

Walking everywhere- Ditch the car for the day, for the week, and see how different life is when everything isn’t passing by you at 45 miles per hour. Wake up early and take the two mile walk to school with a good playlist. Fresh air helps clear your mind and relaxes you. You don’t have to stress about making the yellow light or getting in the turn lane or dealing with traffic. Slow down a bit.

Poetry Slam– I went to a semi final slam night, watching people step on stage bathed in a bright light and then pouring out their deepest darkest secrets into the microphone was so inspiring. I cried during some poems and felt the power that words have when we are brave enough to share our stories.


Love Yourself- Justin Bieber

Valerie- Amy Winehouse

You And I- Ingrid Michaelson

Beach Boys

Sex with Me- Rihanna

I Want to Break Free- Queen

Lemme Know- Vince Staples

Tequila- The Champs

God- John Lennon

Wander- The Aquadolls

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