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“I really can’t edit right now. I hate it Emma I hate it.” Cartia said sitting across from me with fingers on her temples. She was in the process of trying to put together her footage for her latest segment on her Youtube, Channel C. She furrowed her brows and shook her head at me. Usually we are both so full of ideas, inspiration, and creativity, but all day we have both been feeling in a funk. Even from yesterday afternoon, time went by fast, too slow, and not at all. We stared at each other blankly for ages, felt dizzy and like we were going to throw up. We spent three hours at lunch but it felt like 20 minutes, and our uber ride droned on for miles and miles. In the backseat of the car we both looked at each other, unable to speak. I took out my phone and typed in the notes app and showed it to her, “has this song been on repeat the whole time?” Both our eyes widened and we oscillated between nervous laughter and near tears.

As soon as we tapped the key to enter back to our hotel room, I got right on the phone and texted Iz. “Feeling really weird.” I said, “Both Cartia and I have been feeling crazy all day. Weird things happening. Time is going by extremely fast or extremely slow. Both of us have serious head aches and dizziness. Started my period today ten days late.” I spewed out all the information I had on me, and  asked if it was the upcoming eclipse. I typed, “I have honestly never been effected by energy in this way. Tuning into the universe’s highs has me susceptible to the lows.” she replied back, “Exactly. It’s not just the universe, because you are aware of the universe’s energy you are aware of your own. Your body is synchronizing with the universe and sifting through itself in a moment of transition. It’s where your mind feels unstable/anxious/crazy so you REALLY need to tune into why those feelings are presenting themselves. You can find out a lot about yourself during this time.”

This week is the start of the equinox. The transition between seasons, and the next few days are especially powerful, bringing a full moon and a lunar eclipse. Especially for women, it is a time of deep emotions and a essential learning period. In Izzy’s words, here is what you should do if you want to take advantage of this cosmic week. Even if you are not sure if you believe in any of this stuff, it can’t hurt to better connect with yourself.

Isabella’s advice for how to handle this crazy cosmic time…



Shower– Hop in and take a steamy, relaxing shower or bath. Close your eyes for a few moments and breathe deeply. With each exhale imagine that you are clearing toxins from your lungs. Scrub your pores clean, exfoliate, and pat yourself dry with a fluffy towel. Sit in the steam for a few minutes after you are done with your shower and rub coconut oil into your skin.

Tea- Make yourself a cup of tea. Be really mindful during the process, put your phone away and just focus on heating the water, letting it steep, and putting all the postive intentions you can into your mug. Clutch it in your hands, and sip slowly.

Meditate at Moonlight– Lay on your back, looking up at the moon. Face your palms up, and started by focusing on your breath. Then move your mind to your toes and focus on relaxing them. Then move up to your calves, knees, thighs, and so on until you get to the very top of your head. Once you have relaxed your body, focus on feeling grounded. Picture yourself as a tree, rooted in the earth, but reaching up to the universe.

Rest of this week…

Get Grounded- If you can, walk around barefoot. If you live by the beach, go there and dig your feet down in the sand. If you live in the city, pack your lunch and drive outside of it or to a park and sit and eat or sit and read. It’s important to get out and root down so you don’t feel so trapped and crazy during this transition time.

Eat Plant Based– Even if you aren’t normally vegan, commit to it just for this week. It goes along with the above statement, and helps you get more connected to natural energy and absorbing nutrition straight from the plant source, instead of from an animal that ate those plants. Eat organic, natural, and as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Cook at home, make rice bowls, smoothies, sweet potatoes, and salads. Get creative with your recipes and cook yourself as much as possible.

Tune into the elements– Get some tangible things to center around. You can put lavender oil on your third eye before you meditate or burn some sage. During the day keep crystals on you, either in your pocket or in your palm. My favorite crystal right now is rose quartz, but for a time of transition malachite or moonstone would also be helpful.

Moonlight meditations– Each day this week, repeat the meditation. If you are feeling anxious or disjointed, there is a reason. Your mind is trying to sort through a problem, and meditation will help you get to the root of why you are feeling this way.

This is a huge time of transition, and an opportunity to learn a lot about yourself. Happy equinox!




  1. Charlotte says

    I love how real you are. This is just what I needed, thank you. Inspiring as ever x

  2. Valentina says

    So amazing Emma, I’ve been feeling the same way too. This is a big help, Lots of love ☽

  3. Paola says

    Dear Emma, I’ve been reading your blog like crazy, I’m so in love of what you do that I can’t put on words the way I feel while I read all the amazing stuff you put here.

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