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Party in the Park Film Diary



I don’t know how Cartia and I started talking to each other, but all I can say is it was really effortless, or as effortless as internet friendships can be. Leading up to my Australia trip, I had really only facetimed her a handful of times, but never once did the thought of “whoa, I’m going halfway across the world to stay with a complete stranger” cross my mind. I trusted that we were being brought back together for a reason.

Within minutes of meeting her we were dancing, laughing, and tackling each other to the ground. We flitted around Party in the Park hand in hand, swirling each other around. People asked us how long we had been friends, to which we would laugh and say probably another life time ago.

Here are journal scans and film photos from my first six hours in Australia, right off the plane, dancing at Party in the Park. Enjoy










  1. Fredrick Locke Jr. says

    oh. my god!!!! i luv you guys so freaking much! ur mixtape is #fireaf
    please call me (503) 774-2749 baaaaeeeeeee


  2. Kylee Kinnaird says

    I love you and Cartia! So inspirational. I have a deep passion for writing, and I never knew exactly what to do with that. Your blog has inspired me to want to make my own, but I’m unsure about how to begin. Anyways, love the blog. Incredibly beautiful! -xoxo

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  3. Tahnee says

    I’ve been hearing about you and the messy heads for ages and have only just checked it out and read a few posts, and man I’m in heaven- you are an amazing human, thank you x


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