April Horoscopes

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Drawings and predictions by Chloe

Mood of the Month: Fearlessness and optimism for progress

New Moon: April 7th in the sign of Aries

Full Moon: April 22nd in the sign of Scorpio

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Aries: Finally, it’s all about you! It’s a wonderful time for you to use your assertive and authoritative side to stand out and manifest the attention you crave. With Venus also situated in Aries, she brings you great opportunities for someone to really fall head over heals for you. Your instinct to “win” may really be driving home for you this month so make sure to use your optimistic thoughts to get you to the top.

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Taurus: It’s not particularly a good time for winning anyone over. Focus on yourself and try new things at the start of this month and get in touch with your goals and yourself as the sun enters your sign on the 19th! Rest up, get some exercise with this aries sunshine feeding you lots of energy. Don’t take any risks with work and just hang in there financially!

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Scorpio: Communicate with your loved ones because you are often hard to read! Remind people of your intentions before Mercury enters retrograde on the 28th until May 22nd. An increased load of work or school could effect your relationships so it’s important to have friends who understand your passions and still stand by you. Happy full moon, you are a powerfully intimate creature!

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Libra: The Aries sun has you feeling fired up and flexible for working with others to accomplish tasks with work or school. Be careful not to wear yourself out mentally! Venus seems to be enchanting you with love, harmony, and faith as your focus starts out this month with a relationship with someone who you see great potential in.

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Leo: Money is a big focus this month and you might feel anxious if you aren’t working for it! Be true to your duties. Frustrations may arise in your relationship spectrum but don’t get discouraged or question your amazing level of value. The beauty this month is the knowing that hard work will eventually pay off!

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Pisces: Mars is in your house of career which gives you a push to make more money and feel passion for contributing to something bigger than yourself (like going to work). Luck is on its way and should offer you many opportunities to spend some unexpected time with the person your into.

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Virgo: Keep in mind that any stress this month can be cured with a little elbow grease and some post-work relaxation. Separate work from home life. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in your sign, meaning you are readily available for connecting with someone who shares common interests! Use that Scorpio full moon to get intimate on the 22nd.

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Aquarius: Accentuate your creativity and self expression; think of new ways to communicate yourself to others in order to win them over. You are feeling optimistic and secure so it’s a good time to inspire the ones around you! However, don’t jump to assumptions about how people interact with you towards the end of the month. Not everyone is as good as you at communication skills.

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Capricorn: Clear thinking takes over for the start of this month. Get stuff done and leave fantastic impressions on your peers for it will help you in the future. Don’t ignore any issues this month whether their physical or mental- it could slow down your pace to reaching your best you. Take the time to check in with yourself and assess what you need to work on.

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Sagittarius: Venus is entering Aries which will feed the fire of all things beautiful, fun, and playful for your social life. Crack some of your best jokes, you silly Sag. You’re scheduled for an emotional breakthrough with the Scorpio full moon on the 22nd– but don’t take it as a bad thing. This vulnerable state will open you up to share your philosophical secrets with friends!

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Cancer: Your love life may feel restricted because of the responsibilities that come with a past relationship. Do what you need to do, you’re a tough shelled crab. Venus entering Aries for you will highlight your connections and public reputation, so proceed with fearlessness to set up some experiences to add to your resume!

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Gemini: With Saturn and Mars glued together in your couple house, obstacles and tensions might arise to test your relationship with a partner. Use your strong curious traits to better understand your best friend or partner. True friends step to the podium this month as you may need to seek out some support! Challenging times build magnificent characters.




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