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Written by Emma

Modeled by Lexi

If you asked me last summer, I might’ve said my favorite color was peach or mustard. Asked me a year ago, and maybe it was light blue. It really all depends on my mood, the season, what I am currently being inspired by, the energy I am being attracted to.

If you asked me today- you would get an answer I never expected. Pink. Soft pink. Baby pink. Rose. For most of my life as a young girl I rejected pink- screamed extra loud that my favorite color was actually INDIGO or BLUE when asked in my second grade classroom.

How sad that I didn’t want to be associated with pink, that I saw it as feminine, and therefore a weakness.That I had been conditioned to see it as a weakness. A COLOR. A color assigned to baby girls, that I refused to take on- because I didn’t want to be like “all the other girls” whatever that means.

Now I am starting to see the world through rose colored lenses. I see the duality of femininity, the strength and power of being soft and sweet. Every Rose has it’s thorns.

Here are some ways to incorporate this color & its compassionate energy into your life.





SPARKLY PINK EYESHADOW– My go to eye look for festivals or girls nights out is basically just fit as much sparkle as I can onto my eyelid. I found these NYX roll on shimmers at the drugstore and had to pick up one in pink. (we did a lookbook featuring this color over here)

SILK SLIPS– You know those 90s movies where the lead girl is on the phone with her crush, belly down on a fluffy bed with her feet swishing back and forth and fingers tangled up in the phone chord? I picture her wearing this slip from Dyspnea. underwear-01

LINGERIE– Repeat after me- you do not need a boy in your life to wear lingerie. Lingerie is for YOU and to make you feel sexy and sweet all in one. My favorite brand is Lonely– check out their “Lonely Girls” tab on their website for inspo! They used to have the most darling rose colored lingerie set and I am praying they get it back in soon.

blo-01SUNRISE– Where I live now, the morning fog dilutes the morning light into pastel pinks and purples. Set your alarm for fifteen minutes before sunrise, get up, put on your favorite sweatshirt, grab a coffee, and go for a walk to see the sunrise. The sky is a watercolor painting twice a day and we should start appreciating it more. crystal-01

ROSE QUARTZ– An essential crystal that you need to start to your collection or add. It is said to open up the heart chakra and make you open to love. Will bring you more love with family, friends, relationships, and towards yourself.

PINK HAIRED– Last fall I randomly dyed my hair pink and loved watching it fade from fuscia to peach. I love Cailin Russo‘s pink hair and how she pairs it with denim and 90s windbreakers. She makes light pink hair look badass.

sunglasses-01ROSE SUNGLASSES– On a late night online shopping spree I bought these glasses from Crap Eyewear (see lexi rocking them below) I think they about to become my new favorite thing.

PINK LADIES– Watch Grease- Frenchie has been my idol since I was 7. Pink ladies are also girl gang goals.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.20.04 PM-01PINS– Tuesday Bassen is an artist in the area where I live who in general makes amazing candy colored artwork, and I have a couple of her pins on my backpack. I love the little pink peace out pins she has up in her store right now!

GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL– Each of Wes Anderson’s films take on a certain tone. Life Aquatic is obviously blue, Moonrise Kingdom is golden, and Grand Budapest is pink!

fghj-01KALI UCHIS– Can’t stop listening to her new EP. The entire album has the duality of feminine and fierce.




  1. charli says

    i regret all the years i spent pretending i hated anything remotely girly

  2. me too, i hated pink and know i’m starting to like and i felt if i liked pink i will be the weak and like every girl

  3. Anja says

    Oh my gosh!! I was looking through the ‘Lonely Girls’ tab on the website like you suggested, and I saw a picture of a girl in her backyard playing with her dog. The caption said, “Anja, Designer for Lonely in her backyard…”, and I was surprised because my name is Anja too! And then I wonder if it’s a sign that maybe I was right to read this and visit the website. (:

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