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Haley Madison deserves many titles; tofu connoisseur, pin collector, my roomie, David Bowie enthusiast, and above all else, Haley has always been the reigning vintage queen. When desperately asked where she found her soft turtleneck, perfect pair of jeans, band tee, and lovely lace dress, she would reply with a shrug. “It’s thrifted.” I have personally witnessed her pull a pair of Prada pants from a pile of otherwise old dirty clothes. When I get (easily) tired of flipping through racks, I follow right behind her like a lost puppy dog as she pulls a silk slip from this rack and a fringe jacket from that one. This girl has the midas touch when it comes to curating vintage, and now she is going to bless us with gold: her new online store, Honey Vintage.

After being a stylist for a few years, Haley got curious about the footprint of fashion. She started doing research and looking into the environmental impact of fast fashion and made a switch to loading up her wardrobe with vintage pieces instead of the latest trend. She is an advocate for environmental and ethical business practices and proves you can look badass while saving the world on the side.

Her first collection is so much more than a bunch of cute clothes- it’s a vibe, a lifestyle, and in collaboration with upcoming artist and feminist, Vivian. Honey is a merge of fashion and feeling, inspiring you to be nothing else but yourself.

– Three Quick Q’s-

Top 3 favorite songs right now:

Le Temps De L’Amour by Francoise Hardy, Indian Food by Dumbo Gets Mad, and A Dream of You and Me by Future Islands.

What are your plans this weekend?:

Ok so my plans this weekend are going to make me sound like I actually go out but I typically sit at home, eat guacamole, and watch Love. This weekend is a fun one though, a friend is coming to visit, we are hosting a dinner hang out, going to a burlesque show that is apparently full of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, probably a morning-after brunch, then a Dodgers game. Man I love Los Angeles.

Describe the first Honey collection:

Old school, spunky, and embodies independence

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-Alright Let’s Get Started-

What will Honey bring to the conversation?

Honey wants to get a buyer thinking about their environmental footprint within every aspect of their lives. A lot of us here in California are rationing our water because of the drought, but I can almost guarantee you no one is thinking about how much water is being used to mass produce new clothing. By buying vintage, you are buying reused, which doesn’t contribute to fast fashion’s industry, but by buying HONEY vintage, you support the environment as well as artists who want to save it & spread awareness for social issues! Talk about a double threat. Honey is a conscious lifestyle, not just what is going to be hanging in your closet.

Talk a little bit about how you are merging your muses with each collection. 

With each new collection, I am going to be showcasing a muse, someone who is empowering not only themselves but others. Someone is knowledgable and actively spreading their message or giving back in some way. I want to be able to share their journey through life, what they have faced, what they are fighting for, and hopefully introduce my customers to some really inspiring ladies whose voices I value. 

Who is Vivian and why was she chosen to launch the first collection?

Vivian Laurence is an artist of all trades but recently released her first EP, Flowers. She sings about self-love, changing the world, and expressing true feelings, which I find extremely empowering. I had the chance to film a music video (coming soon) for her song, Gaia, which allowed me to work side by side with the fearless woman that she is. As soon as we started working together I knew she was going to be doing some incredible things in this world and I had to spread the news. And I had to do it fast!

Educate us on the true cost of fast fashion!

The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries out there. These days trends come and go so quickly that people just buy cheap clothes and throw it out when they’re ready to take on the next trend. A new wardrobe is using up so much of our resources. For example, Cotton is one of the most common fabrics and it alone uses around 3% of our water. Also, textile producing pollutes SO much of our water supply from dyeing & adding synthetic chemicals to fabrics. It all turns to runoff and creates unusable water. And we are worried about our showers! There’s no reason to be so cruel to the planet just to post a cute picture on instagram wearing the latest thing. 

In addition to the environmental cost, you also have to ask yourself the social cost. If these clothes are so cheap, how is anyone making living off of creating them? Sure, they’re helping your wallet but are they helping someone else’s?

 If you buy a pair of $100 jeans, a factory worker is probably making around 50 cents. So imagine what the people making $30 jeans are receiving in wages and what kind of conditions they must be working in.

The good thing is- There are so many clothes already made that are stylish as hell, hanging patiently in thrift shops and vintage stores (including my own, cough, cough). I have made a lifestyle change that is in line with my morals and still allows me to express myself. If you love the planet as much as you love clothing (if you don’t, what in the world are you doing) then you should shop vintage! I recommend watching The True Cost on Netflix. 

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So you recently made a music video, got any dreamy videos planned for Honey collections?

I’ve got some short films in the works for Honey! I don’t want to give anything away but I am really excited about what’s to come. Film is a big passion of mine so I can’t wait to create stories and lookbooks to get people inspired.

At the end of the day, I want Honey to be much more than just clothes. It is a place for artists to express themselves on social, environmental, political, and other issues as well as show off their dreams and worldly aspirations. It’s hard to convey that on a shop site which is why I’m excited to tie in videos and interviews! Your style is your vibe, and I hope that my customers see that in Honey. 

Who is the honey girl? 


What’s coming up for Honey?

Films, vinyl, chips and guac, lots of roller blades, popsicles, sunny days, and new artists.

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Shop // It’s Honey Vintage

Instagram // @itshoneyvintage

Haley’s Instagram // @haleyymadison




  1. Love both Haley and Vivian, and I can’t wait to check out Honey Vintage. I never have the patience to scour the racks, so this is perfect!

  2. Everything about this rocks. More people need to become aware that thrifting is not only fun, cheap, and self-expressive, but it helps this fast-fashion craze that our society currently revolves around. Excited to shop and congrats to Haley and Vivian!!

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