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Cartia Mallan’s Life Advice

Thirteen days spent halfway across the world with my Australian soul sister and in that time I learned a lot about myself. Some I learned just from wandering around Byron, dancing to music, and diving under waves and some things I learned from conversations with Cartia. I can’t tell you what it feels like to be one with the world, refreshed and rejuvenated after swimming in a crystal clear ocean- that is something you have to experience for yourself. But I can tell you what Cartia taught me.

You Are Sexy!– Just as you are. You don’t need to lose ten pounds or two inches or clear up your skin to get there. Yes, you can still want to improve your physical self, just like you want to improve your mental and spiritual self, but that shouldn’t get in the way of you accepting you right now. You right now, with all of your imperfections, you are sexy. Own it, learn it, and don’t be afraid to show it.

Best Breakfast– The best combination you can have for early mornings is an acai bowl paired with a hot coffee. That duo of the hot bitter and sweet cold is so satisfying- we had this every single morning while I was there.

Keep Your Crystals Close– Always in Cartia’s bag- her growing collection of crystals in a colorful drawstring pouch. Carried around for good vibes and to ward bad energy away. A couple times when I was feeling overwhelmed, she reached into her back and pulled out a crystal for me to hold to help make the feeling pass.

Catch the Sunset- Check what time the sun is going down and make sure you are there for it. Our plans would be something like “before sunset we will do this, then after sunset we will go do this.” It is something that nature is giving you- a gift, every single day. Go out and watch it.

Get it To Go- The majority of the time we ate out for dinner, we got the food in to go containers and walked down to the beach to, yup, catch the sunset. If you don’t have a beach in your area go to a park, favorite look out spot, rooftop, or just someplace out in nature you feel inspired. Mix it up and get out of the restaurant to enjoy the outdoors during your meal.

Invest in Moto Boots– Cartia has a specific pair of black indestructible moto boots that go with everything. She takes them to festivals and stomps around in them, they have never failed her. Forgo those dainty shoes that are going to give you blisters and grab something you can rely on.

Tea Before Bed- Coffee in the morning and tea before bed. She often made us chai tea to sit and sip as we read or worked on projects before we fell asleep. Add a little almond milk and sugar for something creamy and sweet.

Trust the Universe– Everything is happening for a reason.



  1. Both you and Cartia are huge inspirations and influences in my life. I’m so happy I’ve found the messy heads. You’re doing amazing work Emma XX


  2. Joanna guerra says

    Me and a friend of mine have gotten inspired of your movement-#themessyeffect and further want to implement your vision for this project and powerful movement that I feel-as you said-change a world. A person at a time and maybe even to a generation who’ve been told to do things that cause them feel less of themselves. As the generations are to come, we are stuck in this continuous oppression that caused our youth stunt their personal and spiritual growth as self love isn’t important as societal love. Your movement is already beginning to change things by further bringing light to my eyes. Me and friend as I mention above have decided to contribute into your movement by gathering local girls or anyone who is willing to start away from societal norms to make a photo shoot to represent your movement-this way of being. I would love to hear your input or any feedback that will help to make sure we can try to capture as close as you are trying to implement. I would hate to use your hashtag to direct someone in different information as to what #themessgeffect truly is. Hope to hear from you as soon as you can !

    with much love and positive vibrations

    Joanna Guerra
    Feel free to further contact me
    IG : your.flowerr
    Twitter: joannalguerra
    Phone: 831-737-2903


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