10 Days of 10 Minute Meditation

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Meditation can seem like a daunting task. I used to picture 100 monks in a room sitting criss cross on cold, hard ground, eyes closed for 6 hours finding their inner peace.

It doesn’t have to be that for you. We can all incorporate a bit of meditation into our lives as a way to reflect on your thoughts and give them some time to be examined. Meditation gives you immense clarity in your own life and a breather from the chaos. Start simply, we all have ten minutes to spare in the morning before we get out of bed or at night before we fall asleep. Try these ten days of meditation either all in a row or once a week. Set a timer on your phone for just ten minutes and explore the prompts below in your silent pondering.

When you open your eyes at the end of your meditation, say the resolution out loud or write it down somewhere to reaffirm what you gathered from your time meditating.


DAY 1: Focus on what your current fears are. Sit on them, turn them over from every angle, and see them for what they really are. Is this fear coming from you or from other people? How can you overcome this fear?

Resolve: I refuse to back down from a challenge and my fears do not own me. It may be difficult but I can overcome them or at least make peace with them. 

DAY 2: In today’s ten minutes of mindfulness, try to list things you are grateful for without stopping. After you get the obvious things out of the way- friends, family, security, see how detailed you can go. The sound of fire crackling, the feeling after you get out of the ocean, waking up and still having ten more minutes to sleep in. Keep going until your timer runs out.

Resolve: Love, life, and positivity are surrounding me at all times. All I have to do is notice it and be grateful. 

DAY 3: Think about all the things that bring you happiness. Instances and actions that make you feel elated, bubbling with joy, and vibrant with life. Reminisce on the happiest time of your life and take yourself back to that moment. What were you seeing? Feeling? Smelling? Experiencing? After immersing yourself in your past happiest time, picture a moment not too far in the future where you will be just as happy.

Resolve: Bad things will happen to me, but I can choose how I react to them. I have experienced intense happiness in the past and am capable of experiencing it again in the future if I only have a positive outlook and believe that good things are coming my way. 

DAY 4: Spend this time thinking about ways in which you can be kinder. How can you be nicer to friends and family? To people passing by on the street? What do you get from being kind, do you feel that it comes back to you?

Resolve: Even if I do not get anything direct from my kind actions, I will still practice kindness whenever possible because it makes me a better person. 

DAY 5: For these ten minutes, focus on love. Explore what it means to you, in all senses. Think of ways you can give and receive love better.

Resolve: Love starts inside me. I am aiming to love myself as a creative, unique being, which will open up my heart and let outside love pour in. 

DAY 6: Think about your current biggest priority. Examine if you are really putting it before everything else, or if something is distracting you. Then think about if this truly should be your biggest priorty, and if not, what should it be?

Resolve: I will put more energy towards things that better me mentally, physically, and spiritually. The things that are bringing me down deserve no attention. 

DAY 7: Examine ways you can better care for yourself. Go through mentally, physically, and spiritually, what you can do to nourish yourself. Think about things you are currently doing that are harmful to yourself and promise to stop doing them.

Resolve: I am a priority in my life. I care about what I am thinking, feeling, experiencing. I will keep checking up on myself to make sure I am doing ok. 

DAY 8: Think about beauty as a broad sense. What do you find beautiful in general? What do you find beautiful in other people? What do you find beautiful in yourself?

Resolve: Outer beauty is easy to fixate on, but when dealing with myself and other people I will seek to see their inner beauty and value it more than their external appearance. 

DAY 9: Use these 10 minutes to define three goals. Break each one down into steps and imagine yourself doing the work to get to your accomplishment.

Resolve: My goals are within my reach if I work at them little by little. I am proud of myself for progress I have made so far and will continue to make. 

DAY 10: Don’t dwell on any single thought. Try to make your mind as blank as possible. When a thought crosses your mind, let it wash right over like a wave. Of course thoughts will come, your mind is meant to always be thinking, but try lengthening the gaps between your thoughts. This is where you learn the most.

Resolve: I refuse to back down from a challenge and my fears do not own me. It may be difficult but I can overcome them or at least make peace with them.



  1. This site is great. Always posting useful and meaningful messages. Will definitely be doing these. Thanks x candace

  2. Anonymous says

    I’m so down for this!! you girls are goddesses who bring light into our lives

  3. Anonymous says

    I have recently been doing your 30 days of journaling and I’m really enjoying it!
    I love your blog it inspires me so much! I recently went vegan and your vegan starter pack has really helped me step into veganism. Just wanted to let you know that your blog inspires me to be better and do good everyday
    Much love for you girls

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