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IMG_9946.JPGIt’s never too late to call up your girl gang and invite them over for brunch! Pop in some toast, start a pot of coffee and chop up the berries, here’s our simple go-to spring brunch. Two dueling pieces of toast and the best acai bowl you’ve ever had! 


Avo toast: we’ve heard these words a million times but we have an all time favorite recipe, it’s avocado toast with an edge.

First put some toast in the toaster and then get to work on the toppings…

Avo mash-

1 Avocado

2 Teaspoons curry powder

2 Teaspoons nutritional yeast

Dash of salt & pepper



½ Baby cabbage

4 Radishes

1 Teaspoon rice vinegar

Dash chili flakes


Mix the avo mash ingredients together and put it on your toast, then chop up the cabbage and radishes & mix in the seasonings. Put as much or little of the slaw onto the toast & drizzle some olive oil on top or leave it as is.


Nut butter & banana toast: goes hand in hand with the avo toast balancing out the savory with sweet.


All you need is-


Hazelnut butter (if it has chocolate in it it’s even better! and you can easily find some that don’t have any added sugar)



Assemble everything & you’re all set.


Smoothie bowl: This is a crowd pleaser. Everyone likes ice cream for breakfast, and with all of the fresh fruit in it, this one tastes like spring in a bowl.


For the smoothie:

-Acai packets

-Frozen banana

-Frozen berries

-Soy milk or almond milk


Blend all of that.


For the toppings:

I’d opt for fresh fruit like peaches and strawberries! But whatever sounds best to you will work perfectly.
Now before you start cooking, remember to turn on some good music and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea! Enjoy this solo time cooking for the people you love. And once you’re food is all made, snap a pick and tag @TheMessyHeads and #TMHbrunch on social media.


Cybelle is a sunshiney nymph dwelling in Portland, OR. She falls in love with nature, the sky, and kindness from strangers everyday, sips coffee, and couldn’t live without her journal or the ocean. Instagram // Youtube



  1. The recipe for avocado toasts sounds faultless, shall have to try it! I always mix garlic salt into my and add some feta cheese as I looooove the combination! Also that smoothie bowl looks so pretty which makes me really want it, once summer comes in the UK I will be living off these!!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. Madison Elyse says

    I’m going home to visit my friends and my best friend recently went vegetarian (i’m vegan) so were gonna have a huge vegan brunch and i’m so excited

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