May Horoscopes


New Moon: May 6th in Taurus

Full Moon: May 21st in Sagittarius

Theme of the Month: Slow and Steady

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Taurus: Happy Birthday, my earthy Taurus people! Things may feel effortless as you feel generous and open with others. You are down to earth at nature-show it off. The new moon will have you feeling like you can cut your personal slate clean. Jupiter is on your side; pursue research for what you want to pursue and make baby steps towards your dreams!

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Gemini: You may be feeling more optimistic about the new groovy aspects that have been finding their nitch in your day to day life. War has been much easier to fall into than peace lately. As the communicator, you need to restore balance in your home life. Your planet is in retrograde so it’s a good time to stay in touch with who you are and become less dependent.

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Cancer: It’s a harmonious time to discuss your past relationships with colleagues and friends and really resolve any past emotions. Let people see the gushy insides underneath that tough shell! The first half of the month will influence you to feel more optimistically about the way the world is spinning about. Focus on time management in the last ten days and you should be rewarded with some good lovin’.

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Leo: Does it feel like you’ve been sacrificing a lot for school and work? Don’t worry little leo, once you work through this heavy loaded sector you will reach a whole new level. If you’ve been feeling unlucky recently, make sure to counter act that Mercury retrograde energy by crossing your I’s and dotting your t’s.

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Virgo: Enjoy these unique moments as they are coming to a close! You’ve been pushing the envelope lately and an exciting new start could be in store. Jupiter wants you to set foot and explore the world around you with a new approach but with your unique essence by your side. Make sure that what ever you are putting aside for now is left on good terms.

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Libra: Mars in retrograde could be good for you. All competition with others should be set on pause while being at peace is on your mind. Things may feel slow and strange but you are confident with your career path. Romance is in the air for the first part of the month- it’s a great time to do things you know you love with someone whom you’d love to share it with.

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Scorpio: Ooh-la-la, Scorpio; romantic memories are engraving themselves in your mind. You may feel like you want to jump into a commitment but you should definitely wait until Mercury goes out of retrograde. Scorpio tends to become attached to something and not see all aspects at first glance. Don’t rush the good stuff. Keep it steady.

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Sagittarius: Set a powerful example for those who look up to you. Something big may be offered to you on a silver platter… but does the meal look way too expensive? You are valuable but you are also human. Don’t take on too many opportunities for projects, for they may stir up into stressful pressure towards the end of the month. Simplify yourself and revisit activities that used to put you at ease.

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Capricorn: Get verbal with people on what you want from them. Your go-getting attitude can help you in serious and both celebratory/playful ways. Find your inner child and express yourself in ways that are creative and true to your roots. Let loose; allow yourself to feel freedom with changing up routine in your daily life.

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Aquarius: Luck with buffering up your home life looks positive up until the new moon! Make sure to thoroughly examine what you could be getting yourself into, for Mercury can cause forgetfulness and miscommunication in signing any type of contract. Romantically, it’s either really working or really not. Don’t get too hung up on a relationship that isn’t benefitting you- let it go.

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Pisces: You are feeling extra creative this new moon, and a good source of inspiration is all around your social circle. Come forth into what you’re known for with an edited and prepared speech as to what you would like to communicate with the world. You may be envisioning great things for the summer and you’ll get motivation by the end of the month.

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Aries: No matter the amount of obstacles you face, keep your eye on the prize. There is a goal lingering in your thoughts that has had a very loud voice the last month or so. See if any homies from your past can help you out with any career paths in the near future. It’s time to start looking for that summer job!






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