Day 1:

1:30pm on a Thursday I rolled my suitcase down the airplane aisle to my seat, and then back off 2 hours and a few music playlists later. I climbed into a Lyft and rode to Em and Haley’s place, they opened the door squealing. I’d never met Haley before, but we had the mutual feeling that we’d already known each other forever. We all hugged and I wandered around their apartment. When I realized that I hadn’t touched the first Messy Heads magazine yet I ran to the box, I sat there flipping through it with pride. Em has worked her ass off for so long and I was so happy that I got to be a part in her journey of creating it. We all climbed into Haley’s car and she played some music as we went off to a Thai restaurant. We all stuffed our faces and headed back home. We painted on paper and Em painted our arms and made them beautiful nature scenes. Before I went to bed I made a list of the first things I noticed about their place:

-The static of the record player, this was so calming to me, it reminded me of an old TV.

-The giggles from their room, you can tell these babes love each other and are so happy!

-But most of all the creativity flowing throughout their home.

Day 2:

We woke up at 6, all sleepy eyed and messy haired. We walked over to a yoga class, still in a daze from waking up, the flowers and morning light felt even more beautiful. After that we went home, grabbed our bags, and went to a cafe. The whole way there Em was trying to explain all the reasons why i’d love this place so much. We ordered soy lattes and vegan croissants, VEGAN CROISSANTS!! Wandering out the door and around back my eyes lit up, there were big pillows, benches, and umbrellas all over. We got some work done and snapped a few polaroids before going to meet up with Iz. We were sitting at our brunch table trying to decide between smoothie bowls and vegan huevos rancheros. We heard laughter from Iz as she walked through the door and tackled us all with hugs. She sat down and starting talking about a million exciting things. When we get swept up in conversations there are always missing links, but somehow I completely understood. Off to the vintage shops we went. Haley picked up a funky silk set with faux fur cuffs, Em got crystals, and I grabbed a purse and daisy print dress. Back at the love shack we shot for Honey Vintage . It was a whirlwind of high waisted swimsuits, long festival skirts, silk scarves, cameras, and accessories. Rolling pink glitter onto our eyelids we packed in a few cars, and hands out the window we drove to the bowling alley. The whole gang was there, we all picked alter ego names and Haley won by a long shot. Billy picked up a guitar back at the apartment and we jammed until the sun started to peek out again. Only then did we hug goodbye and lay our heads against our pillows.

Day 3:

Hello delicious all vegan Mexican food, I miss you so! We spent our day sipping vanilla bean lemonade and eating cauliflower tacos. Then we went to a coffee shop hidden by trees for a long work day. We planned and pulled photos for inspiration boards. When the day was done we went back to Haley and Em’s for a girls night in. Iz meditated and the rest of us watched Broad City!


Day 4:

I woke up to a record playing and Haley passing me a cup of joe. We drove to Veg Fest and hung out with some amazing, likeminded people. After Veg Fest we went to a cafe and grabbed some coffee to re energize. Iz and Em sat on the couch while Rocky and I chatted in the kitchen and Haley made us DELICIOUS vegan bowls.


1 cup of brown rice

1 cup of spinach

1 cup of beans

A few tablespoons of hot sauce

Mix everything together. Super simple and really yummy!

Exhausted from the long day, we chatted for a while until all four of us passed out in Em and Haley’s little bed.

Day 5:

Early morning, dreamy day.

I’m still not sure if this day was real, I mean, I know it was, but it was so surreal.

We packed up the car for a day at Huntington Beach with Luke. Coffee in our hands and “The Four Agreements” playing the whole way there. (This book changed my life, read the recap here) We arrived at this palm tree speckled beach, swimsuits on and bananas in our bags. We ran into Luke over by the water, he picked Emma up and hugged her then handed us a big bottle of coconut water. He took off his shoes and skated over to a bike rental spot, we picked up 3 bicycles and rode down the vacant sidewalk near the beach. Luke held onto Emma’s bike and we rode down as far as we could, film photos being snapped the whole time. In a purple tinted haze from my sunglasses, we wandered through the streets to a smoothie bowl shop and ordered the biggest size they had. I rummaged through my bag and made a stack of all the polaroids from that day, we sat under a tree flipping through them. Haley turned on Velvet Underground and we drove down the PCH, hands in the wind. We pulled into a parking lot, Emma ran right for a perfect spot on the beach. We put a blanket down and with the sun on her and Luke’s backs they fell asleep. Haley and I wandered the beach, climbing lifeguard watch towers and laying in the sand. When they woke up we all walked down to the water. The waves glistened and the ocean cooled us off. As we pulled back on to Silverlake Highway, I smiled, I recognized our route home for the first time. We went out to Indian food that night with some friends and talked about lots of things, from the use of social media to the ignorant harm we do to the planet. We climbed in bed late that night.


Day 6:

Off to Venice Beach we go! I packed up my bags and we drove to meet Allie for coffee and to walk around. We popped into a crystal shop, a few vintage stores, a raw vegan chocolate shop, and more. H, Em, and I went to the same restaurant twice that day because we couldn’t pick between pizza, thai bowls, and avo toast. We sat down in the plant filled vegan restaurant and ordered matcha lattes while we picked what we wanted. In between bites we reminisced about the trip, it felt like I’d been there forever. The little details made me tear up. This community is unlike any other, i’ve never experienced anything close to the powerful creative energy that follows the gang everywhere. When that many likeminded individuals spend time together, beautiful things happen. As the time withered away, we walked out the restaurant doors. It had been sunny, clear skies, and 70 degrees the whole trip, but as we stepped into the fresh air we noticed a layer of fog and grey clouds that had settled around the city. I took this as a sign and made a promise to myself that i’d be back soon. 6 minutes to the airport and I couldn’t help but stare out the window, we passed by fields of yellow and purple flowers. We hugged and Em said, it’s not reallllyy goodbye, just see ya soon.





  1. Anja says

    I love your descriptions. I feel like I can visualize it all in my head without even having to watch the video. (:

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