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Living in the Love Shack

Photos by Isabella

When I first moved in with Haley, I brought little more than myself and my suitcase. Haley had to adapt to my singing in the shower, morning grogginess, and sharing her place with another person. The very first night of us officially living together, we cooked stir fry and then dramatically performed to Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway as we stood on chairs and tables and used wooden spoons as microphones.

Our home is filled with laughter, nights jamming out on guitar, around 25 candles and counting, a completely vegan fridge, pancakes in the morning and potstickers late at night. We work at the little round table during the day, clutching coffees in our hands, and fill it with our friends for game nights on the weekends and for “family” dinners on the weekdays. Iz is our unofficial third roommate, popping in bed with us three nights of the week when she doesn’t have school, and usually there is another person on the couch and two more on a blow up mattress. Alongside all the love that we fit inside our tiny one bedroom apartment, we also got a lot of new furniture and details to turn the apartment into both of our space.

Over the summer, there was this tiny shop on the side of the 101 I always passed when biking from Solana Beach to Encinitas. It was a showroom for this place called Swenyo, filled with cool prints, fairy lights, skateboards turned into furniture, and mod bed covers. When we wanted to add more to our space to personalize it and really put the “Haley & Emma” stamp on our place, I immediately thought of Swenyo. It combines Haley’s midcentury modern vibe with my beachy boho lean. Most everything in our apartment is either from Swenyo or Craigslist.

This is the first time I have ever lived in an actual apartment (I don’t count my dorm) and putting your personal stamp on a space really helps create a distinct vibe. There was a lot of rearranging of furniture- I think we moved the bed about five times until things felt right. More books here, added three instruments, piled the records on the floor, added hooks and hanging things and a crystal garden. Our space is still changing with us, and Swenyo’s tagline “question your space” rings in my ears whenever I look at the room and feel like something can be made just a little bit better to inspire us even more. In honor of that tagline, Haley & I questioned each other about what it’s like living with the other.







Magic Shelves-Swenyo, Dining Table & Chairs-Craigslist, Dresser-IKEA





Ukulele-Gift from Rocky, Throw Pillow-Swenyo, Blanket-Anthropologie




Faux Leather Couch-Living Spaces, Faux Steer Skull-Swenyo, Lamp & Coffee Table-Craigslist, Side Table & Poster-Goodwill




Record Player-Crosley, Pillow-Swenyo, Uke-Gift from Rocky



Toolbox-Swenyo, Baby-Gift from Ciaffy, Candle-Voluspa



*For room inspo check out Swenyo’s lookbooks– they got us really inspired in creating our space! xo



  1. Jay says

    I live in Solana Beach and go to Encinitas all the time! Ah I love swenyo so so so mcuh.


  2. Anonymous says

    i love your apartment!! i saw you guys had two turntables, is there one you would recommend getting? i’ve been looking into it and crosley has very mixed reviews. thanks so so much! ❤


  3. Anonymous says

    hey emma,
    what scanner do you use to get such clear images of your handwritten text?
    and what do you use to edit them on top of images?
    absolutely loved this post!!


  4. Anonymous says

    My roommate and I always talk about getting out of this tiny dorm and decorating our cute funky future apartment! This is awesome (:


  5. Anonymous says

    I just look trough your blog I and can say it’s amazing and I’m definitely going to read it regularly from now on! ;>


  6. Aly says

    so cute!! love everything about your place but just curious.. do you guys share a room if its just one bedroom?? lol 💙


  7. Anonymous says

    U guys inspire me to be me and become the person I wanna be not what other people want me to be.🌿💓


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